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Default Individual RP: Elrond

"Okay, nice and easy does it, now," I said in a soft, soothing voice. Lying on a steel table covered with a warm, soft yellow blanket was a little Nincada. The Pokemon had gotten into a scuffle with a Rattata and had come out the worse for it. A long, shallow gash trailed from its right front claw down to its rear, and greenish-yellow ichor oozed from the injury. The Nincada flinched every time I patted at the wound to clear away the seepage, and when I sprayed a bit of healing potion on the injury, the poor thing jerked and gave a tinny whine. I stroked its back to calm it, gave the wound another dousing, then placed a clean piece of gauze over the injury. I finished by taking a long ribbon of new dressing and wrapping it around Nincada's body, securing it with two metal fasteners. The sight of a little Nincada almost completely wrapped in dressing would be humorous, if the poor little Pokemon weren't hurt.

I carried the Pokemon to a roomy cage, where fresh food and drink, along with a soft blanket, awaited the Pokemon. I set it inside and the small insect gave a grateful clicking as it settled down, tired from its ordeal. I closed the cage and smiled as the Bug fell asleep within two minutes. I had high hopes; the wound wasn't nearly as bad as it looked, and I'd gotten to it before infection had set in. A few days of rest and the Pokemon would be good to go.

At that moment, my radio-phone went off. Well, it vibrated, at least. Back here, where injured Pokemon were recovering, it wasn't very considerate to have phones or pagers shrieking all over the place and disturbing our patients' rest. Giving one last glance at the sleeping Nincada, I silently exited the room before grabbing my radio-phone from my back and answering the call.

"This is Sara, go ahead."

"Sorry to bother you, Miss Sara, I know you're taking care of that Nincada, but we've got a Trainer here and no other Rangers are free right now. Can you take him?"

"Yeah, sure, I've just finished with Nincada. I'll be there in a minute." The receptionist hung up after saying goodbye, and I put my radio-phone back in my pack. I was at the rear of the Ranger Outpost, and it didn't take but a few seconds to walk down the long, bland hallway. I reached the door that separated the Ranger Area from the main lobby and went through. Standing at the front desk was young man with short blonde-brown hair. The receptionist turned when I came through the door and nodded at me.

"Miss Sara, this is Justin. He's already filled out all the paperwork," the older man said. "He's going to Mt. Deckbi, and is taking a Rhyperior and a Machamp with him." I smiled and thanked the receptionist, then waved for Justin to follow me. Within five minutes we were in one of the Park carts, puttering along at thirty or so miles per hour. I made idle talk to pass the time, pointing out various things as we drove.

About thirty minutes later we arrived. I parked the cart several yards from the base of the mountain; trying to get any closer would be stupid, considering the mess of boulders and large rocks strewn around. Dry, stiff clumps of grass grew here and there, and the ground around the mountain's base consisted of pebbles and small rocks. A visible trail coiled around the face of the mountain, and numerous dark spots indicated caves.

"Well, here it is," I said, clambering out of the cart. "Mt. Deckbi. Impressive, eh?"


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Justin
Money: 6,200
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 15

Pokemon Stats:
-Hardy Male Machamp (TM Earthquake, TM Fissure, TM Ice Punch, TM Brick Break, TM Return, TM Bulk Up, TM Thunder Punch) <Guts Ability>

-Bold Female Rhyperior (Surf, Rock Polish, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw) <Solid Rock Ability>

Total Items: 5 Park Balls, 5 Hyper Balls, 3 Repellent, 4 Max Potion, 4 Full Heal

Total Pokemon Encountered: n/a

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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