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Default Re: Individual RP: Elrond

OOC: Thanks for taking this, Jess. By the way, my money's up to $9700, in case that matters. :/


"Wow," I muttered. "It's so much bigger in person than in the brochure..." I glanced down at the glossy pamphlet I had picked up at the Ranger Outpost, in hopes that it would provide some tips about how to best tackle the colossus. To no avail, it appeared. The vibrant brochure portrayed Mt. Deckbi as an idyllic mountain hike, one filled with naive, carefree joy and bursting with nature. Its perfect picture was dwarfed by the appearance of the real thing. The mountain's high cliffs seemed to glare down at me with a majestic ferocity, like a stunningly beautiful queen about to sentence a lowly servant to death. As I stuffed the facetious brochure back into the pocket of my blue hooded sweatshirt, I shuddered - both out of fear and excitement.

"You alright?" the ranger, Sara, asked, shooting me a sympathetic glance.

"Yeah... I'm fine. Fine," I responded. Suddenly, I felt a rush of adrenaline. "So this is it... Alright, let's do this."

As if in response to my newfound determination, the looming volcano grumbled a little, challenging me to enter its depths. A plume of black smoke rose silently from its peak, as if in warning, and I suddenly noticed an acrid smell filling my nostrils. Perhaps I had been too preoccupied with excitement and fear to notice it before. Nevertheless, the sulfuric odor wafted from the mountain's body like the smell of freshly baked cookies from an oven - except it wasn't about to make my mouth water in anticipation. I fixed my eyes straight ahead, on a black opening at the base of the mountain, a gaping mouth just waiting to swallow me up and never let me out. I smirked.

"Let's go."

OOC: How am I doing? :)

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