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Default Re: Individual RP: Shinies

Originally Posted by Shinies View Post
"Cover your Ears Ranger Eli" said Will grinning as he covered his, Ranger Eli was a bit confused but did so anyways. As Soon as Yanmega's Attack Ended, Yanmega started vibrating its wings to create a sound wave and unleashed the Bug Buzz towards Lickilicky.
OOC: Yeah...umm...MY CHARACTER! Don't touch! : P

IC: Lickilicky felt calmer as it noticed Hell Angel was gone. Still, when DragonFly flew up high, Lickilicky couldn't help but stare curiously, although when it saw the Swift attack being fired at the tree, Lickilicky quickly rolled into a ball. The branches fell over and around Lickilicky, but they didn't seem to do much damage.

At that moment, Lickilicky began to vibrate while still being rolled into a ball. The invisible vibrations made it all the way to DragonFly in an instant. DragonFly's flight pattern suddenly became erratic and very fast. The flying bug Pokemon hit a tree and a few branches while doing so.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Will

Money: $5,600

Location: Woods

Area Effects: None

Encounters Remaining: 13

Pokemon Stats:
---Modest Togekiss (F/Serene Grace) 72.46%
---Timid Starmie (GL/Natural Cure) 100%
---Modest Yanmega (M/Speed Boost) 86.7% (confused)

Total Items: Max Potion x1, ParkBalls x2, Super Balls x4, Hyper Balls x3, Type Repellent x1

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Lickilicky (?/???) 58.85% (Defense Curl)

Other Wild Pokemon: Lax Burmy (?/Shed Skin)
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