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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

"Yeah," Ranger Anderson replied, "time's running out. Pretty soon, I'll be forced to take you back."

The group continued South, swerving around the breeding grounds. Suddenly, a rattling noise could be heard, followed by a loud screeching. An Ekans, possibly the same one from before, was attacking a Spearow's nest! The bird managed to bat away the snake, but the nest dropped onto the ground. Luckily, only one of the five eggs was broken, but now they were within Ekans' reach. Ranger Anderson prepared to rush towards the nest, only to be divebombed by the Spearow.

"Fine! Don't take my help!" the ranger scoffed, "you wanna try helping, Adam? Or should we just leave this ungrateful beast?"
Name: Adam
Money: $11,500
Location: Woods
Items: x4 Park Balls ; x2 Super Balls ; x4 Hyper Balls ; x2 Poke-dolls

Area Effects: 7 Encounters Remaining

Ghost Hunter(Gengar/Sassy/M/Levitate): 28% [Thunderbolt] , [Energyball], [Substitute] , [Psychic] , [Sludge Bomb], [Psych Up], [Toxic], [Swagger] , [Explosion], [Snatch], [Hidden Power: Fire], [Focus Blast] , [Will-O-Wisp], [Taunt] , [Counter] , [Protect] , [Giga Drain] , [Double Team] , [Attract] , [Skill Swap], [Trick]

Chimpy(Infernape/Jolly/M/Blaze): 100%, [Brick Break], [Earthquake], [Grass Knot] , [Sword Dance],[Shadow Claw], [Substitute] , [Stone Edge] , [Solar Beam], [Hidden Power : Ice], [U-Turn], [Attract], [Roar], [Swagger], [Rock Tomb], [Ariel Ace], [Will-O-Wisp], [Overheat], [Thunder Punch] , [Encore], [Fake Out]

Encounter #1: Lickitung(?/Naughty/Own Tempo) 3%(Captured)
Encounter #2: Mankey(?/Adamant/Anger Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #3: Slaking(?/Sassy/Truant) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #4: Zangoose(?/Rash/Immunity) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #5: Farfetch'd(?/Serious/Keen Eye)1.5%(Captured)
Encounter #6: Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 100%[Relocated]
Encounter #7: Nidoran-F(F/Mild/Poison Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #8: Spearow(?/?/?) 100% vs. Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 100%

OOC: Unless you decide to catch one of them, you can just flee. Neither Pokemon is particulary interested in us at the moment. It's up to you.

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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