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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

The little Pokemon hid again as soon as Alden turned back to it. "Well I guess there is one way to find out what this Diglett's intentions are. Come on out Umbreon!" he said as his Pokemon's Pokeball opened, revealing the splendid Dark Pokemon inside it. "Had a good rest?" he then asked.

The Pokemon nodded, and then sat down and licked her paws calmly, as she felt no danger coming.

"Ok Umbreon, this is the situation. There is a Diglett somewhere around us that keeps popping up when we turn our backs. Hyacinth and I are going to turn around, and If the Diglett pops back up, I want you to determine whether it is trying to play with us or if not, then ask it why it is following us. If the Diglett attacks you... well you know what to do."

The Pokemon nodded, ears perking up to catch the slightest movement as she stood back on her paws waiting for the small mole Pokemon to come out.

"Alright Hyacinth, lets turn around and see if Umbreon gets anywhere," said Alden to the ranger.

"Uh... sure," the Ranger replied. "Let's keep walking too, so as to give it the impression we didn't notice it- maybe it'll fall for it."

"Nice thinking!" Alden replied, and then they took a few steps forward, giving their backs to Umbreon and Diglett, wishing for their plan to come true.

And it did. As soon as they took a few steps, a rustling from the ground was heard, and the little Pokemon's head popped up. True to the orders she received, Umbreon approached the Ground Pokemon, and started having a "talk" with it.

Not that the human could understand any of it.

"Looks like it worked," Hyacinth said slowing down the pace even more. "Just don't turn just yet, maybe it'll run away again if you do."

The Diglett seemed rather at ease with another Pokemon near it- maybe it had never seen humans before and was curious- but wary- about them? Who knows.


Area effect: Ash Rain.

Encounter #4
Diglett (??/??/??)

Trainer Stats:
Name: Alden Umstar
Items: Park Ball x5, Super Ball x4, Full Heal x2, Max Potion x3

~ Female Calm Umbreon (Synchronize) 100%
Extra Moves: Toxic TM

Male Adamant Flareon (Flash Fire) 100%

Previous Encounters:
#1 - Timid Male Geodude (Rock Head) - Captured.
#2 - Jolly Geodude (Sturdy/??) - Trainer Fled.
#3 - Naughty Cubone (Lightning Rod/??) - Trainer Fled.

OoC: I don't see what you tried to pull off here... but here you go.
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