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Default Re: Individual RP: Elrond

I stared down at the elephant as it stomped at the ground, sending up cloud of dust. It grunted like a child not getting its way, becoming angrier by the minute. I had the feeling it might be trying to intimidate me, to get me to go away, as though it were really more scared than furious - and I was afraid if I stood my ground for too long, it would simply run away. I had to take the opportunity I was given.

While the Phanpy continued its caterwauling, I reached to my belt, where I had clipped two Pokeballs. I took one in my hand and threw it to the ground. A four-armed Pokemon with leathery gray skin materialized in front of me, flexing its muscles in a show of power. The Phanpy stopped raging and looked up at Machamp, in awe of its sheer size.

It was now or never. "Machamp, start things off with an Ice Punch!"

My muscular friend rushed forward, one of its right arms pulled back to prepare the attack. A small crust of ice began to form on Machamp's gnarly fist. I only hoped Phanpy wouldn't run away in fear.

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