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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

The Ampharos was a pretty cool Pokemon. "I know I've been avoiding a lot captures," I said, "but I'll go for this one. It should also put up quite a challenge, which should be fun." I smiled at the ranger who was probably in shock, as she had almost been smacked full on with a powerful Thunderpunch.

I withdrew a Pokeball and entered Ampharos' territory. "Come on out Gliscor," I yelled as released the scorpion like Pokemon into the air. Gliscor had dark wings attached to its arms like a bat and big yellow, beady eyes. It landed on its long scorpion like tail, ready to attack. This Pokemon was probably a Timid nature, therefore will probably be more cautious. "Gliscor I want you to start of by using an Earthquake to weaken it. It will be likely to dodge but I know you can do it Gliscor," I encouraged the Pokemon. "You can help out too if you like, or would you rather sit back and watch?" I asked Pachirisu and Pikachu.

Gliscor leapt into the the air and executed an impressive front flip. As it came down, it smashed its tail into the ground, causing the floor erupt with power. The ground was smashing all around. The Earthquake headed towards the Ampharos, but I predicted what I think is coming...

OOC: Lol, I just realized that I could've taken a picture of Luxray XD I'll remember for next time.

Credit to EmBreon
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