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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

"It's against the rules to steal berries from the park," the ranger said harshly, then looked for a second, still feeling a bit guilty, "okay listen, this is a super rare berry that can be used to lure legendary Pokemon. Let's just say that a wild Pokemon knocked it into your bag by accident."

The ranger plucked the strange-colored berry off the tree and tossed it to Adam. Suddenly, a teal blob leapt from the bushes and gobbled up the berry. The teal blob then proceeded to devour every legendary-attracting berry.

"Heh," Ranger Anderson laughed, "I've been here hundreds of times, and have never seen a wild Munchlax. Lucky you."
Name: Adam
Money: $11,500
Location: Woods
Items: x4 Park Balls ; x2 Super Balls ; x4 Hyper Balls ; x2 Poke-dolls

Area Effects: 6 Encounters Remaining

Ghost Hunter(Gengar/Sassy/M/Levitate): 28% [Thunderbolt] , [Energyball], [Substitute] , [Psychic] , [Sludge Bomb], [Psych Up], [Toxic], [Swagger] , [Explosion], [Snatch], [Hidden Power: Fire], [Focus Blast] , [Will-O-Wisp], [Taunt] , [Counter] , [Protect] , [Giga Drain] , [Double Team] , [Attract] , [Skill Swap], [Trick]

Chimpy(Infernape/Jolly/M/Blaze): 100%, [Brick Break], [Earthquake], [Grass Knot] , [Sword Dance],[Shadow Claw], [Substitute] , [Stone Edge] , [Solar Beam], [Hidden Power : Ice], [U-Turn], [Attract], [Roar], [Swagger], [Rock Tomb], [Ariel Ace], [Will-O-Wisp], [Overheat], [Thunder Punch] , [Encore], [Fake Out]

Encounter #1: Lickitung(?/Naughty/Own Tempo) 3%(Captured)
Encounter #2: Mankey(?/Adamant/Anger Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #3: Slaking(?/Sassy/Truant) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #4: Zangoose(?/Rash/Immunity) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #5: Farfetch'd(?/Serious/Keen Eye)1.5%(Captured)
Encounter #6: Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 100%[Relocated]
Encounter #7: Nidoran-F(F/Mild/Poison Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #8: Spearow(?/Naughty/Keen Eye) 0%(Deceased) vs. Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 47%
Encounter #9: Munchlax(?/?/?) 100%

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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