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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Sign-Up Form:

Name: Blane Walker

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Blane has a delightfully offbeat and upbeat way of looking at everything. Very much a free spirit, he often listens to his heart more than his head. Heís an easygoing soul who is eager to please. His sense of loyalty is unmatched, and rubs off on his Pokemon. Blane's guilty pleasure is going down to a beach and just sitting there, relaxing with his Pokemon at his side. Blane is a very forgetful person and it takes him a long time to remember names. Blane is also very clumsy, dropping everything he touches. It took him all most 2 years to learn how to hold a Pokeball properly and how to catch it when you release the Pokemon. Blane is a very tactical fighter and he tries to find a solution for each of his Pokemonís weakness. Blane has been classified as a genius but he hates that word. He has a photo-graphic memory and, as a result, learns very quickly. He may be a genius but he finds it hard to talk to other people and his only real friends are his Pokemon. Blaneís main ambition in life is to become a well established doctor for both People and Pokemon. His secret dream is also to make at least one friend, who he can trust. Blane getís paranoid very easily which adds to his anti sociable behavior. Blane also has many fears which include spiders, heights, clowns and many more. However, Blane isnít afraid of the water and his ideal home would be located right by the sea. Because of all these reasons, Blane finds it hard to find a friend who will put up with all these flaws.

Description: Blane stands at 5 ft 11 inches and weighs no more than 13 stone. He has large, emerald green eyes which clash with his brown hair beautifully. His hair seems to look rather messy and uncared for but that is the style he likes. Blane looks much older than 16 because he can always be seen wearing a suit of some sort but without the tie. He wears a brown leather belt to support his pants but it also has a second function. Blane can clip on Pokeballs to the side of his belt, making it a lot easier to get to the spheres. Blaneís suit tends to be black with a white shirt underneath. Strangely enough, Blane always wears white sneakers which look very odd next to the rest of his outfit. Instead of a normal bag which would be placed over your shoulders, Blane carries a black briefcase, filled with clothes and a large notepad and pen which he uses to record information about the different Pokemon he sees on his travels. Blane always has a pair of reading glasses but he hates to wear them. He also has a chain with a small orb attached to the end of it which is always cold to touch.

Pokemon Captured: None :(

Pokemon Natures: None yet...

Park Items: None!!

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