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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

"Heh," Ranger Anderson laughed, "I've been here hundreds of times, and have never seen a wild Munchlax, Lucky you."

Adam stared at the Munchlax as it devoured the handful of berry’s almost instantly, and chuckled.

“Ranger, I’ll be trying to get this one.”

Adam grinned, he wanted a challenge and he was about to get one. Munchlax was one of the rarest Pokemon ever and Adam had just found one.

“Come on out Infernape!” Adam roared in excitement.

Out of the small red and white ball, burst out the familiar Fire type. Infernape stood up firmly to Munchlax as it finally noticed the group. The monkey roared repeatedly and jumped up and down in excitement. Infernape screamed its name repeatedly to attract Munchlax’s attention from the food. The small Pokemon stood up and started to say it’s name repeatedly. It was on.

“Infernape lets start the party with a Brick Break.”

Infernape leapt up and down and started to breath slowly showing that it was focusing on its attack. Steam burst out of Infernapes nose as his right arm started to glow. Infernape leapt up and down as if it was on a trampoline, but he just used his springy legs and the surrounding tree’s to build up height. After about five or so jumps and another jump on a branch of the nearest tree, Infernape had managed to get the height he wanted. Infernape dived head first and lifted his hand as it started to glow. Ready to attack. Most Pokemon would never be able to manage this but Infernape was well trained on jumping and landing. Infernape glared at the Munchlax, making sure he would not miss.

“I bit my lip while watching Infernape hoping that he would attack Munchlax’s weak spot for massive damage.”

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