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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

Munchlax and his flying body dove toward Infernape and his electrified fist. Infernape struck the Pokemon's chubby body, electricifying the Pokemon. Adam threw his Hyper Ball, hoping to catch Munchlax. The ball went flying through the air, but the throw came up short. The ball hit the ground, and rolled, right under Munchlax. The heavy Normal-type hit the ground, burying the Hyper Ball before it had a chance to burst open.

Munchlax stood up and dug its arms into the ground, ripping out a large chunk of earth. It leaned back and flung the large chunk of rock at Infernape, knocking it over. While Infernape was still on the ground, Munchlax dove into the air.
Name: Adam
Money: $11,500
Location: Woods
Items: x4 Park Balls ; x2 Super Balls ; x3 Hyper Balls ; x2 Poke-dolls

Area Effects: 6 Encounters Remaining

Ghost Hunter(Gengar/Sassy/M/Levitate): 28% [Thunderbolt] , [Energyball], [Substitute] , [Psychic] , [Sludge Bomb], [Psych Up], [Toxic], [Swagger] , [Explosion], [Snatch], [Hidden Power: Fire], [Focus Blast] , [Will-O-Wisp], [Taunt] , [Counter] , [Protect] , [Giga Drain] , [Double Team] , [Attract] , [Skill Swap], [Trick]

Chimpy(Infernape/Jolly/M/Blaze): 100%, [Brick Break], [Earthquake], [Grass Knot] , [Sword Dance],[Shadow Claw], [Substitute] , [Stone Edge] , [Solar Beam], [Hidden Power : Ice], [U-Turn], [Attract], [Roar], [Swagger], [Rock Tomb], [Ariel Ace], [Will-O-Wisp], [Overheat], [Thunder Punch] , [Encore], [Fake Out]

Encounter #1: Lickitung(?/Naughty/Own Tempo) 3%(Captured)
Encounter #2: Mankey(?/Adamant/Anger Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #3: Slaking(?/Sassy/Truant) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #4: Zangoose(?/Rash/Immunity) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #5: Farfetch'd(?/Serious/Keen Eye)1.5%(Captured)
Encounter #6: Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 100%[Relocated]
Encounter #7: Nidoran-F(F/Mild/Poison Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #8: Spearow(?/Naughty/Keen Eye) 0%(Deceased) vs. Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 47%
Encounter #9: Munchlax(?/?/?) 3% -Body Slam- vs. Infernape 82%

Terrain: Another tree-surrounded area, but this time the trees produce berries. These berries can be used by Wild Pokemon to heal Status ailments.

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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