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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

OoC: there's no boulder here... I'd have mentioned if there was now, wouldn't I?


His previous move causing what it did, and stirring up something deep inside the building, Sec now had to think carefully of what he wanted to do- however, as he was doing that, he heard the small Electric Pokemon as it charged its attack. "Togekiss, watch out! Get behind the boulders!" he ordered.

Togekiss nodded understandingly, franctically searching for something to hide behind- too bad there were no boulders to speak of- the trainer must've thought that big chunks of ceiling had fell, instead of tons of small rubble- in truth, that was the main problem. If big rocks had fallen, there would've been less dirt around to kick up.

As she looked for shelter, the Elekid finished charging up the Shockwave attack,pointing its... horns? at the female goose-a-laying, the electricity shooting forward in a twirling mass. The Togekiss could do nothing but try to brace herself, to resist the impact. She winced and whimpered as the current flew through her body, leaving her a little battered and zapped.

"Let's turn this around, Togekiss!" her trainer yelled. "Use Air Slash, and make it powerful enough to blow away some of this dust!"

There were moves made exactly to deal with these issues... the ranger thought after the order. But one can't blame him for trying. Hyacinth silently wished good luck to the Pokemon, as the cloud was annoying him too.

The happiness Pokemon flew over her trainer, flapping her wings to recover from the Shockwave. As she felt fully in control of her body, she turned to her opponent, batting the majestic wings with force, drawing in a mystical energy. She then gained some momentum, flying towards her opponent wings spread, as the tips glew an ethereal hue, and then she cut at the air in front of her with the tip of her wing, sending an invisible vacuum attack towards the battery-looking Pokemon that, trying to charge up an attack, didn't notice it coming, and was hit headon.

Even if it resisted that type of attack, it still hurt, and made it drop the preparations. Shaking its head, Elekid tried to focus on its hands again, static creating between them, as it tried to prepare again a Thunder Wave.


Area: Long corridor. No doors open that you can see. No windows. The entrance door is open, and lights the way a little, along with a rather big hole in the ceiling. Dust cloud lingering around. Some overturned chairs and benched, but they're all behind the Elekid.

Encounter #1
Elekid (??/??/??)
(recoiling from Air Slash) (Thunder Wave)

Trainer stats:
Name: Sec
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Total Items: x4 Park Balls ; x5 Super Balls ; x2 Max Potions ; x2 Full Heal

Pokemon Stats

Male Hardy Marowak (Lightning Rod)
Extra Moves: TM Swords Dance

(Currently in battle) Female Calm Togekiss (Serene Grace)
Extra Moves:
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