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Default Re: Fenix's Reffing Log

Ishak vs Dark Gardevoir- Gym Battle

RSE- Random Terrain (Normal)
No Items

Ishak: Shuckle, Lunatone, Tyranitar
DG: Vaporeon, Espeon, Armaldo

This battle was quite interesting. Shuckle got a Toxic on Vaporeon before it was KO'd, Lunatone hit Vaporeon with Psychic twice to finish it off. Espeon bites Lunatone for the KO and Tyranitar is sent out. It powers up with Dragon Dance while Espeon is Switched for Armaldo. Earthquake from T Tar and Brick break from Armaldo, and it looks like Tyranitar will be pwned next turn. But oh noez! Tyranitar gets the hax with Rockslide, and Armaldo flinches, turning the tides of the battle. Next turn Earthquake finishes off Armaldo and Espeon is promptly knocked out. Gym defended!

Ishak wins: $2000
DG loses: $1000

I should get $1500
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