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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

"Ohh!" I gasped, gripping Buizel's Pokeball tightly in my hand. Stuffing the ball into a pocket of my jeans, I clapped my hands together. "Oh! Their so pretty. I'd love one, but I think I may be getting a beautiful guy like this for my Birthday, but...maybe I won't. Can we take this sweetie with us? Please?" I looked hopefully into Sara's beautiful face.

Reaching out a small hand with short, bitten down fingernails, I offered it to Shellos. A patch of light caught me in the face, blinding me for a second. The sun glasses reflected the light and while blinking rapidly, I felt a soft brush of air near my fingers, as if Shellos was sniffing them.

It was about then, when I remembered Snookerdoodle was still out of her ball and had turned my attention from the beautiful little guy before me and retrieved Jolteon to her ball with a whisper of thanks that I realized something. I had just given a wild Pokemon, although a very cute one, my fingers to sniff. Praying I wouldn't be bitten for my moment of stupidity, I reached over to the snail-like creature and gently started to pick it up.

"Will it be alright if he comes with us? He seems very friendly," I asked Sara as I started to life the Pokemon up. I didn't know if it would start resisting or not, but as long as the sleek blue Shellos didn't mind...
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