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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Chapter 1 Up!)

My Guardian Angel

Book One: Threads

Chapter 1

To Know Your Place

Against the black backdrop of the sky, shards of fine, crystalline ice flew from the passing comet and showered the night. The Hoenn air thrummed and vibrated as the colossal boulder of heated stone fell from space and into a deserted field off the coast of Gulf Kaiorga. The garnet trail of fire that had streaked across the sky and made the luminescent stars hazy flickered and eventually went out as the comet sizzled and cooled off in the ten-foot crater of charred earth and grass it had created.

Curious Taillow flew from the canopies of the trees that dotted the vast meadow to inspect this oddity. Were Pokémon fighting, and this giant stone was the result of one of their attacks? Or were humans invading their home from above? They crowded around the massive rock, flat, yellow beaks to one side as they cocked their heads in interest. Their ruby chests and necks seemed to glisten with the strange, ethereal glow the copper comet emitted. Navy feathers began to puff out; forked tails twitched anxiously. This rock was strange, foreign… alien. The dozens of birds looked at each other with wide, jet-black eyes. Was investigating this weird object such a good idea?


The foot-tall Pokémon jumped into the air with ear-shattering shrieks. Even their high-pitched wails of fright, however, weren’t shrill or loud enough to drown out the series of cracks that splintered the air. Now high in the air, they checked the comet with panicky glances. On the boulder, they saw spider-web cracks that widened and grew until, eventually, slabs of rock began to split and fall to the ground. The air around the comet morphed from uncomfortably warm into the blistering heat that had consumed it when it was in flight. More animalistic screeches were let out as most of the Tiny Swallow Pokémon high-tailed it back to their safe nests. Those who lingered behind finally took flight when a teal-colored tentacle wiggled free from the meteor’s core.

Soon, a ruby one joined in on the dance for freedom. Next, a green hand popped out. Together, the tentacles and the hand grasped either side of the comet, desperate to destroy the prison that still trapped the body they were attached to. Pulling as one, they caused the rock to grunt until, with a Herculean effort, the comet was split into two. Steam immediately rose when the core of the meteor, brimming with heat, was exposed to the Pokémon World’s cool air and breeze. The fog was blown away, though, when the creature inside rose into the air and greeted this new planet with pinprick pupils. His blue-green, oval head swiveled this way and that. The two trapezoid-shaped ears he bore were perked and alert. When it was clear that there was nothing around (other than the quivering foliage of trees), the alien landed outside the crater with thin and spindly legs. Deoxys, as he had always dubbed himself, looked down and quizzically felt the carpet of greenery. How strange, was his thought. Deoxys looked back at what had been his home for the past three years. The meteor looked just like how his asteroid home had after that nearby star collapsed: broken and empty. However, he was alive; he had survived, and maybe this strange, new rock could replace his home, even if its ground was soft and its stars weren’t so bright and close.

The space dweller turned away from the cold pieces of stone at the bottom of the crater, the amethyst sphere in his chest reflecting the dying embers of his home, and began to rise into the air. With one last look at the field he had disturbed, Deoxys began to fly north, not knowing where he was going but positive that he could find somewhere to rest and recharge.

For a long while, all he passed were forests teeming with Pokémon and more vacant fields. Once or twice, he stopped to inspect the creatures until they were scared enough to run back to their homes. They fascinated him, made him want to explore more. He had always been the only living thing in his small asteroid. Interacting with others, even if it was merely a “greet and run,” made him feel a bit less lonely.

It wasn’t until he stumbled upon a village that his interest was truly piqued. Dozens of quaint wooden houses were spread along the area, most of them sporting fences that surrounded them and their acres of land. The dirt-paved roads were empty at this time of night, the windows of the houses dark. When he flitted around, he saw more of those Pokémon creatures huddled in the small, rectangular barns behind some of the houses. Although he saw some feathery creatures of orange asleep in wired coops outside the barns and chocolate-colored puffballs that sported two dozing heads near the rooftops, what really made him stop and stare were the pink creatures huddled in the middle of the fenced field. Plump and round, they were sleeping peacefully and unaware of the chilly gust that swept their home. Occasionally, the wind would make their long tails move, causing the bells at the ends to tremble a short tune before they went quiet again. Stray leaves would also pass and snag themselves on the two, small horns that protruded from each head; their four udders would wobble with each snore. Despite all of that, they slept on with no idea that a curious alien was creeping towards them.

Deoxys descended into the swaying, canary-yellow crops on the other side of the Miltank herd, hesitant about coming any closer. Unlike the other Pokémon he had encountered, these were asleep, and he could observe them for a while if he was careful. He didn’t want to scare the bovine off by just popping in.

Twin tentacles began to move the stalks of grain aside…

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” echoed a voice.

Small pupils darted to the right and left until the foreign being figured out the words had come from behind him. Deoxys whirled around, tentacles and hand poised at his sides. Eyes narrowed as he saw the newcomer lazily float in the air. Yes, he was curious about what this foot-tall creature was, but anybody who managed to sneak up behind him was dangerous, as dangerous as those collapsing stars. The more he watched the bipedal, salmon-pink Pokémon hover in front of his face, the less curious and more alert he became. The crop stalks hardly moved when the creature’s long tail brushed against them, and those celestial blue eyes would never leave him, even when the stranger’s small and pointed ears twitched to some faraway sound. Not even he, Deoxys, could be so silent and stealthy.

Finally, after an eternity of black and blue eyes locked together, the furry creature spoke. “Now that I have gotten your attention, let me introduce myself; I am Mew, one of the great Arceus’ oldest children.”

Mew swept one of his short arms in a bow before straightening up again. Deoxys cocked his head, managing to understand the deity’s words but still confused as to why he was here. Mew floated in closer, his cerulean gaze no longer so humble. The wind that had blessed the farm seemed to still until all Deoxys could feel was the psychic’s presence; even the Miltank’s chiming bells could no longer be heard.

“Since your landing on our planet, you have been watched by unseen eyes,” the New Species Pokémon breathed, then grinned when he saw Deoxys’ eyes widen in shock. Mew backed up but still kept his satisfied smirk; his tail curled around him, as though it was a snake slithering around its master. “We don’t know how things work where you come from, but we have an order here, one that you now must follow if you plan to stay.”

Deoxys, though able to understand Mew’s speech after analyzing the language the Pokémon he met in the forest spoke, could not speak Pokémon tongue. Instead, he slipped out of his defensive position and inclined his head, showing he understood. Where else was he supposed to go if he was run out of this planet? He was not sure his body could endure another long trip through space. Luck had been on his side; no meteor showers or passing asteroids had hit him. What if his luck had been spent?

The pink pixie widely smiled a smile of superiority. “The Council of Legends will be glad to hear you’ve agreed to listen.”

Then, Mew flew up, high above the now swaying crops. Deoxys followed the Psychic-type’s movements with his eyes until Mew motioned with a flick of his tail for him to do the same. Cautiously, the alien floated up and joined the god at his side. Once again, Deoxys got the feeling of every living thing freezing to make Mew’s powerful presence known.

“Do you see the mountain range in the horizon?” Mew asked, almost ethereally with the absense of a breeze.

The ruby and aquamarine creature craned his head to see the ridges of brown, but a steady glow of lights on the other side of the mountains caught his eye. They bathed part of the night sky a milky-white, seemingly unwavering. Deoxys started in mid-air. Was that a star? By the blinding light that surrounded it, it looked liked it was about to collapse.

Deoxys began to back up, only to be stopped by a force he couldn’t see. Limbs paralyzed and the orb in his chest dimming, Mew faced him and disapprovingly shook his head. His eyes, brimming with the psychic energy he wielded so easily, never left his face as he circled the trapped creature.

“No, no, none of that,” he scolded in a condescending manner, unaware of Deoxys’ worries. Gazing back at the mountainous range before them, he continued to tell his captive, “There are a multitude of caves that you can hide in while the Council of Legends decides where to place you. You’ll be safe from humans, and there are no Pokémon in the mountains who will be able to bypass the shields I will place.”

A series of unintelligible squeaks and screeches broke the quiet: Deoxys was trying to verbally communicate his protests since his body could not. Doduo began to stir from where they roosted. Miltank softly mooed, questioning why their sleep was being disturbed. Now sporting a deeply-etched frown, Mew snapped his fingers; Deoxys’s mouth was shut with an audible snap. In a deep crevice of his mind, Mew could imagine Arceus reprimanding him for being so harsh to this queer being. However, he didn’t care at the moment. The fact that a less powerful creature was disobeying his orders made him grind his teeth in anger.

With his tail now whipping around his frame like a hissing Arbok, Mew narrowed his eyes and took hold of one of Deoxys' frozen tentacles.

“I guess you will have to be taken there,” he sighed, as though forced to talk to a disobedient child. Mew shut his eyes in concentration, and right after he felt his power bubbling and coursing through both of them, their images flickered and disappeared with a twinkle of light.

Deoxys sensed that he was tumbling and turning. Head spinning, he felt himself being compressed from many different directions, making him struggle for each breath. With his vision dark and his body still immobile, he could do nothing but stumble and fall into a heap when his frozen feet touched ground. Being roughly pulled up, Deoxys suddenly regained his mobility and vision. Immediately, without even taking a glance at the cave they had materialized in, the asteroid dweller flew away from Mew. His whole body still quivered from the deity’s psychic energy, a chilling reminder of how powerful Mew was, despite his childish appearance. The way Deoxys backed up to the rocky wall of the cave actually made his kidnapper chuckle.

This is where you stay, for now,” the furry psychic said nonchalantly, indicating the damp walls, the stalactite-infested ceiling, and the stalagmite-covered floor. Deoxys looked around but was unable to see more than the dripping points of the structures through the blanket of darkness. He had lived on an asteroid, where stars and moons always bathed his home in a veil of light; why was this creature putting him in such a polar-opposite place? As anxious as he was, though, Deoxys was no fool, so he chose to stay quiet, merely breathing in the stale, unmoving air that suffocated him.

“I’ll come back to announce what our verdict is.” Mew, invisible in the blackness, faced the direction the cave entrance was located at. Deoxys stared blankly at where he assumed his kidnapper was, then jumped back when a trail of glowing violet appeared a couple of feet away. The tendril of power avoided the rocky outcroppings with ease until it rounded a bend and disappeared a second later. A glimmer of light that stopped to steadily let out a sheen of fuchsia told Deoxys that the barrier Mew had mentioned was in place.

“Stay here,” were the final words he heard before, just like that, he was left in his grim prison.


Even when Mew Teleported into Arceus’ Chamber, the biggest and most elaborate room in the Hall of Origin, and let out a disgruntled sigh, not a sound could be heard. The Species Pokémon gazed at the moon-white walls and the granite pillars that stretched thirty-feet high to connect with the sloped dome that was the ceiling. Already he felt the dampness and decay of the cave fade away to become a distant memory in his mind. With the light that shone from the curved windows of the ceiling warming his fur, the ancestor of all Pokémon floated beyond the six pillars in front of him (the ones that formed a circle in the middle of the room) and into the center of the chamber, where the golden outline of a star invaded a part of the smooth, limestone floor.

Immediately, he heard the clicking of talons and the flap of wings from up above. Ho-Oh and Lugia, perched on two of the six pillars that did not connect with the ceiling, let their conversation die to gaze at him, silver and rainbow-colored feathers glimmering as they craned their heads. Celebi jumped down from on top of a pillar and became a blur of emerald as she descended towards the floor in a lazy spiral. The small hedgehog that was Shaymin wrinkled her nose when the pixie of time fluttered too close for comfort and scurried towards Cresselia, who was floating beside her grim counterpart, Darkrai. Jirachi shook her head with a small smile and went over to comfort Manaphy, who had been frightened by Celebi’s dizzying antics.

Of course, no matter how many Legendaries there were in the room, the pixie of ancestry could never ignore the great god in the center. With his flowing silver fur putting the polished walls to shame, their ten-foot-tall father was automatically the center of attention.

Then again, Mew thought, his spinning, golden wheel that encircles his waist and the four jades on each point always seem to magnify his majestic features.

“Arceus,” Mew addressed the Alpha Pokémon when he halted in mid-air. He gave a bow and held it, allowing him a view of the god’s pointed, topaz hooves. “I talked to the alien, as you requested.”

Every member of the Council of Legends drew in closer, their breaths hushed.

Was this strange creature a danger to Johto if he was allowed to stay? Lugia and Ho-Oh thought as one.

Was this alien powerful enough to possibly become a Legend? Celebi thought with a deep scowl on her face. The prospect of ruling alongside one who wasn’t even a Pokémon was a sour one.

Could this foreigner possibly take advantage of the weaker creatures in this world? Cresselia wanted to know.

“Please, do not jump to conclusions,” their quadruped leader calmly told them. As their father, he could feel their agitated thoughts, their worries, and immediate mistrust as though they were his own. His children relaxed though still shared meaningful glances. When it was clear their minds were relatively silent, Arceus returned to Mew. “What have you observed?”

The Kanto pixie straightened and said with a hint of boredom, “This alien is like a human child: curious and lost. He doesn’t seem too intelligent or resourceful.” Mew inclined his head to the side, a frown now stretched taut over his face; he was clearly frustrated that he didn’t have Deoxys completely figured out. “Power wise, it’s hard to tell. Even when my Psychic immobilized him, I could not delve into his mind to see how powerful this creature is. If I was able to, I might have also been able to decipher his strange language. I did manage to catch the name “Deoxys” very briefly through telepathy, however.” With a final sigh, Mew was done.

Not a minute had stretched of silence before Lugia spread his three-tipped wings and descended carefully to the ground. His long tail swished back and forth in his anxiousness, the two navy-colored spikes at the end threatening to send Shaymin and Jirachi flying. “We cannot allow this creature, this “Deoxys,” to stay,” he gruffly voiced. His coal-black eyes glittered with determination, and the two rows of blue spikes along his back were raised. Craning his long and elegant neck, he saw Ho-Oh, still on the pillar, nodding in agreement. “To underestimate his power is foolish. Who’s to say he’s not masking his abilities? Johto can lie in ruins if we’re too proud and dismiss the possibility.”

Cresselia came forward, the violet, celestial rings attached to her sloped back and arms shining while the twin crescents on either side of her head glowed like stars against the sky. Raising her yellow beak towards the Johto trio masters, she nodded to them before saying, “Lugia and Ho-Oh make a convincing argument. By disregarding this otherworldly being solely on Mew’s account, Pokémon and humans alike will be endangered. If we force Deoxys to return to space, we can avoid any possible catastrophes.”

Arceus acknowledged her words with a bow of his own head, then saw that the shadows next to him shivered and moved. He gracefully moved to let Darkrai have the floor. The Pitch-Black Pokémon let his forest-green orbs sweep over the Council of Legends, as though they all opposed his unspoken thoughts, then focused on Cresselia. The ruby spikes around his neck bristled ever so slightly; the billowing white shadows on his head lengthened. “Should we run out Deoxys, without evidence that he’s the monster you’re speculating, simply because he could endanger the humans?” Darkrai sent a sharp glare towards Lugia and Ho-Oh, the tattered edges of his body wildly flapping with unseen wind. “Wasn’t it humans who destroyed the Tin Tower? Isn’t it humans who pollute the lakes that Suicune purifies?”

Ho-Oh flapped her garnet wings so hard that the emerald tips threatened to fall. Like a flaming phoenix, the Rainbow Pokémon landed on the chamber’s floor. With golden tail feathers fanned out behind her, Ho-Oh regarded the nightmare creator with a steely, amber gaze. “Do not drag your past into Council affairs, Darkrai! You know perfectly well you were banished from Alamos Town due to your own nightmare-spreading frenzy.”

Fisting his hands, the Sinnoh Legendary growled, “You seem to forget that at the time there had been a hallucination-inducing sickness spreading. My nightmares were simply amplified, although it seems that humans and you neglect to take their epidemic into account.”

Shaymin hopped closer to the center but was unable to ask her brethren to cease their feuding. As powerful as she was, to be looked down upon by the others, especially those already with heated tempers, made her lime-green fur and the lilac flower nestled among it shake. The Gratitude Pokémon turned her white snout towards Arceus, but the god merely stood back and watched his children settle it out. Manaphy beside her also stayed back and settled for twirling her antennae with her flippers and watching the ends glow. The blood-red gem on her cerulean abdomen flickered, meaning she was unsure about what to do about the quarrels as well.

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