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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Chapter 1 Up!)

“Shouldn’t we consider the fact that Deoxys could be capable of intelligent conversation? That we may be able to understand him?”

Jirachi floated to the scene, much to Shaymin’s relief. Long, butterscotch-yellow tassels fluttered behind her small gray body as she rose into the air and faced her quarreling brothers. “Is it really fair to choose Deoxys’s faith for him if he is able to communicate?” The wish granter turned when someone slightly scoffed, making the two teal wish tags on her star-shaped head flutter.

Celebi, who had been silent behind Mew until now, came forward. The cerulean-tipped antennae in her swept, green hair bobbed with her scornful chuckles. Delicate filmy wings fluttered as the time traveler joined the Council. “Jirachi, tell me if I have missed your point completely,” hints of sarcasm were evident in her tone and in her china-blue eyes, “but exactly what would the Pokémon world gain if we let this creature stay? Even the weakest Pokémon have something to contribute. This Deoxys hasn’t shown a speck of usefulness, yet you are offering to let him choose his position in the matter?”

The Hoenn Legendary frowned for only a second before composing herself. “What I’m merely saying, Celebi, is that we should not judge Deoxys’s mental capacity without a second thought to the matter. Yes, he may not seem resourceful, powerful, or useful now, but by observing him longer, we may come to a sensible and thought-out conclusion-”

“Is that what you really want, Jirachi?” barked Ho-Oh, the golden feather crest on her head bouncing with each harsh word. “Do you really want to let Deoxys stay long enough for him to be able to show what’s he capable of? At what cost would that be? Destroyed towns? Interference with weather patterns? Possible time rips? All for the sake of deciding whether he can stay or not?” Lugia brushed his wing against his counterpart’s to sooth her sizzling temper.

“No, it is not,” the Wish Pokémon responded curtly. Jirachi tiredly rubbed the top point of her head, the only point that did not harbor a wish tag, and looked over at Arceus. She respected his decision in keeping out of Council matters (other than giving the final verdict in decisions), but she wished that he would assert his authority over his children more often. Maybe that way, Council meetings would not turn into battles of self-interest and prejudice.

“We cannot endanger the Pokémon and human populace merely to welcome in a curious alien,” the Time Travel Pokémon drawled. “It is, after all, our duty to protect this world.”

Shaymin growled beneath her breath as Jirachi, taken aback at her sister’s cynicism, formed an uncharacteristic scowl and began to say, “We are not welcoming anybody, yet we are not supposed to rightly refuse someone a chance to establish themselves on Earth.”

“Our duties don’t always allow us to be fair with everybody,” Mew replied loudly so that his voice echoed against the pristine walls of the chamber for everybody to hear. Calm and cool, he hovered beside Celebi and continued, only the slightly narrowing of his eyes betraying his kind façade, “We must put Earth and its inhabitants first and foremost in all of our decisions, not outsiders. You cannot allow kindn…”

The Kanto Legendary trailed off. His whip-like tail stiffened when a horrendous chill ran down his spine. Small ears flew back at the same time Mew let an undignified snarl rise from his throat. Dismissing Jirachi with a mental flap of his hand, he faced Arceus, bowed, and said with a hint of a growl, “My barrier has been shattered. Deoxys has escaped.”

Arceus nodded once, his jade eyes troubled.


Panic made Deoxys’ heart flutter in his chest. Though knowing he shouldn’t, the alien looked back.

Amethyst glittered all over the cave mouth he had just left, remnants of the barrier that had kept him prisoner. Rocks had turned to pebbles and pebbles to dust before he had managed to exert all his power and escape. Was he tired? Deoxys wasn’t sure. Adrenaline coursed through his veins and kept him flying farther away from the ocher mountain range. Yes, he was out, but did that mean he was in the clear? He bet his tentacles that he wasn’t.

Water had stretched below him, calm and undisturbed, but now, a mass of land took its place, along with a flare of bright, and familiar, light. Deoxys halted and let out some frightened calls that pierced the air. He had been so hell-bent on escaping the cave before Mew could notice, so afraid he would be taken again, that he hadn’t noticed he had been flying right into the heated star that was ready to implode. Frozen with fear and indecision, he looked back at the mountain range then towards the halo of light that seemed to touch the dark sky. The double-edged sword loomed in his mind’s eye, spinning and spinning close. Would getting incinerated be better than whatever Mew had in store for him?

Deoxys chanced a look below him, automatically squinting to see through the blinding glare. Were those creatures moving down there? Moving in the core of a boiling star? Despite every nerve of his body telling him to fly the opposite way, Deoxys inched closer; he faintly noticed that he didn’t feel the heat of the celestial light. Yes, there were creatures moving around the rectangular, silver protrusions of the star! The space dweller felt his mind flip in shock. How was it possible?

Suddenly, Deoxys was propelled backwards by an invisible gust. Flipping before stopping when the shock of the hit dwindled, he steadied himself and wildly looked around for his attacker. He caught sight of a green serpent, its blood-red fangs bared and the yellow rings adorning its spiked body glowing with rage, before another Air Slash nicked him in the abdomen and sent him spinning downward. Rayquaza, ruler of Hoenn’s skies, clenched his three-clawed hands and followed his target. His spade tail swished as he stopped himself in mid-descend; an aurora had appeared in the night sky.

As the otherworldly lights of purple and pink danced alongside the stars, Deoxys began to change, the sphere in his chest going out. His tentacles and hands thickened into slabs as thick as his body but as flexible as his first limbs. Spindly legs bulged as his chest and head hardened and grew until the alien was encased in a suit of red and green armor. The violet orb flared to life and was ready to serve its Master’s Defense Forme.

Rayquaza snorted in indignation, the emerald plates on his body spinning while the twin, flat-ended spikes on his head twitched. “You dare trespass in my domain, no doubt to attack the fair city of LaRousse, and then mock me by putting on disguises?” he roared, fire-yellow eyes on the verge of smoldering. All twenty-three-feet of him bristled as he reared and let loose a torrent of sapphire energy.

Deoxys shielded his body with his broad arms. Specks of burning blue and white showered his head. While he closed his eyes and felt the specks burning his face, his arms unpleasantly tingled. Ignoring the smell of charred skin, Deoxys endured the last of the Dragon Pulse before beginning to flee towards the city. The Sky High Pokémon snarled at the sight and flicked his tail. A gust picked up around him, its chilly breeze doing nothing to cool his out-of-control temper, and with another slap of his tail, it was sent cantering towards the scared foreigner.

Deoxys felt himself be picked up by the Twister, then tossed around as the currents grew faster and stronger, eventually merging into walls of spiraling white that never let him go. The captive, curled into a protective ball, saw from the center of the twenty-foot-high funnel a blur of green coming his way; those electric eyes, already envisioning him at the bottom of the ocean, left him with no doubt.

He was going to have to fight for his freedom.

Tendrils of fuchsia wove through the threads of night a second time. Deoxys’ bulky arms thinned into two tentacles while his head lengthened back into an aerodynamic spike. Chest and legs were now thinner and raven-black. His jewel began to glow and power his Speed Forme.

Tentacles whipped about his head, too fast to be effected by the violent gusts that swirled all around him. Then his body began to spin in unison and against the Twister’s current. The wind fluctuated and began to unweave itself from the tight cone it had shaped. Wobbling as though on a shaking spindle, the Twister collapsed and thinned out until only wisps of air caressed Deoxys’ face. Seeing the trespasser close his eyes for a second of bliss made the dragon’s blood boil. With a malicious grin, he slithered towards the morphing creature and clamped down his midnight-black jaws…

On nothing.

The serpent started, and calculating eyes searched the sky for the red menace. Before Rayquaza could draw a breath, tentacles were wrapped and tightened around his windpipe. Deoxys straddled himself on the beast’s neck and refused to let go. The deity roared in anger and haphazardly flew around to try and buck the alien. With the wind beating his face, Deoxys flipped forward, his grip on the Legendary still strong. Infuriated eyes narrowed into slits when Rayquaza found Deoxys now sitting on his snout.

“You cowardly little-!”

Then all the hot-blooded Flying-type could see was stars, his head ringing from the Zen Headbutt that had cut off his rant. Deoxys reared back in pain, cringing and mentally cursing himself for not realizing that a recoil was obvious when he was so close to Rayquaza. Magenta sparks still dancing around his head, the Psychic-type flew high into the air and looked down, then quickly regretted it.

The speedy alien looked away, but it did not clear the horrible image that had assaulted his eyes. With fangs alight with the aurora above, he saw them for all their ganet glory. Their points, sharpened into non-existent ends, had been dripping with saliva as thick as the fury in his horrible, golden eyes.


With the Scary Face still etched into his mind, Deoxys felt himself falling. As gravity took him to the unforgivable ocean below, pain wove its way through his chest. The sticky, neon-green liquid that was his blood sluggishly dripped down from the slash on his neck and down towards the cracked gem in his chest. Deoxys raised a tentacle to the orb, feeling its energy dim, spreading weakness and exhaustion throughout his body. Not daring to touch the throbbing wound that wound around his throat, he struggled to stop his descent, forcing his eyes to stay open and scout for his enraged foe.

There he was, circling above him like a vulture at high noon. Fangs were split into a satisfied smirk as Rayquaza watched the outsider steady himself. That expression screamed that he wouldn’t be let go, not until ten thousand leagues separated Deoxys from the sky. Green and garnet tentacles twitched with mixed emotions. On top of fearing for his life, he was outraged that everybody on this planet wanted to control him, subdue him. Was he being here such an enormous inconvenience? Or were they all simply trying to eliminate any outside competition they saw in order to keep whatever hierarchy of power they had in this planet intact?

It didn’t matter. He had traveled for light years, through forming galaxies and asteroid belts, in order to find a place he could call home.

This place was it, and he wasn’t going to be forced back into space, to be cold and alone, by this beast!

Extremespeed propelled him towards the snake that dared run him from his home. The wind that had whistled with his fall went silent until he no longer felt a breeze. His beating heart, Rayquaza’s breathing, all had disappeared in the vacuum his attack created. Even the tremendous thump! that reverberated when the Dragon-type was sent flying had been totally muffled. When Deoxys did stop, the black that surrounded him returned to be the night sky. The gentle lap of waves returned, followed by his enemy’s now labored breathing. So riled up he was that it took him a moment to realize that shimmering, broken dragon scales were raining down.

By that time, the silhouette of Arceus caught his eye. Hidden behind a haggard and fuming Rayquaza, he came towards Deoxys with the calm aura that made the asteroid dweller lower his writhing appendages. As effortlessly as though he had wings instead of hooves, the Alpha Pokémon hovered between the two beings.

“That outsider should be punished!” spat the sky ruler. Although hunched up to stop the aching on his bruised side, he still bared his fangs and narrowed his eyes with every word. “How dare he come upon LaRousse with his evil intentions. If not for me-!”

“You,” his creator cut in, authority ringing in that single word, “should have been with the rest of the Council, as I had asked. Ruler of the heavens you may be, your duties as a Legendary are just as important. Besides, Groudon and Kyogre can guard Hoenn for the time you are gone.”

Arceus flew towards Deoxys, glancing from the rivulets of green blood that ran down the side of his neck to the lithe body that had managed to stand against Rayquaza’s own.

“If you choose to stay here, you must obey the laws of our world. Though it’s still not certain whether you will be allowed to make your home on Earth, I will lead you to a place where you may rest and live away from the rest of the Pokémon. Foreigner you may be, you do not deserve this hostility.”

“Home on Earth… rest of the Pokémon…”

Deoxys stared then nodded numbly. The aurora above LaRousse faded away when he morphed back to his Normal Forme. Maybe, just maybe, these “Pokémon” creatures weren’t all so bad, if he managed to stay away from those that were.

“What about you, Arceus?” Rayquaza asked at length. “Haven’t you abandoned your duties if you are here?”

“Do not worry. I assigned Mew and Celebi temporary charge. As my oldest and wisest children, they will make sure the meeting will continue as smoothly as it should.”


A/N: For those of you wondering, no, Deoxys will not be a main character. This is actually his only appearance in the whole story. Reason for bringing him in? His situation allowed a perfect chance to introduce and build on the more important Legendaries of the story. With that aside, comments and criticism are greatly appreciated! ^-^

Next chapter? The Council meeting goes on, but Mew and Celebi decide to touch upon a different, more controversial topic that may very well endanger the human race.

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