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Default Re: My Guardian Angel (PG-13) (Chapter 1 Up!)

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post
Fixed mistakes. Thanks a lot for pointing them out! ^^ However, I'm not sure whether to change the apostrophe 's in Deoxys yet. I used to only put the apostrophe in names like his, but I saw that with human names, you put the extra "s" along with the apostrophe. :/ I'm going to have look that up when I get back from school.

Hehe, I love description! Sometimes I'm worried that I put too much (I'm aware that I nee to elaborate on Pokemon description a bit, but at the same time, I don't want to like stop the story and describe the Pokemon then hit the play button again). And yeah, I have each chapter planned out (although it may happen where I have to split or merge them).

Stay tune! Next chapter, you'll see who's one of the main characters. The second main character won't pop out into Chapter 4. ^-^
And I won't mention the mistakes in that post. xD No worries! Well, I was always taught to pretend that the extra 's' was there, and that you didn't need it...but we have our own ways. ^^

xD Me too! And yeah, I know what you mean. I always describe them a lot (but I can't help it!) but I know I'm trailing away from the story. That's why I reckon we should try to describe them as the character analyses them and/or as they do things. Like Mew's tail brushing against things. ^^

I will stay tuned! Oh, okay. ^^ I'll be watching...and waiting... xD

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