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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

OoC: Wow, somebody who actually remembers that their ranger is there to help!


“I’m going for it,” Sec said intently in Hyacinth’s direction. “Go, Togekiss!” Sec shouted as he threw the Pokemon’s ball into the air, letting it fall to the ground just in front of the trainer. "Meanwhile, Hyacinth, could you go look for a light switch? It'd be much help."

"Uh- sure," the ranger replied. He liked to be of help, even if minimal, so he focused and started wondering where a light switch could be. Most likely, it's gonna be near a door... though, if Grimer got over it, it'd be quite useless now. Let's look around...

The trainer had recalled his big flying Pokemon to battle this Grimer now. “Togekiss, I want you to summon a Magical Leaf attack, but don’t fire it off yet!” the trainer commanded.

The flying Pokemon chirped merrily, as she flapped her wings wide and let colour-changing leaves fall out of them, dancing still in the air. The sludge Pokemon looked sideways as its opponent was preparing the attack.

“Nice, now I want you to fire off an Air Slash, make sure to catch the leaves in the air, I want those things flying at razor speed!” Sec said enthusiastically.

With a slight nod, the colorful Pokemon batted her wings, summoning a compressed air sphere in front of her, swirling and twirling with raging currents, slowly drawing the Magical Leaves inside it too- which however made the wings grew slightly weaker, as they had to keep the other attack moving as well as the Air slash, but nevertheless, the attack as a whole was stronger.

"KISS!" the Pokemon yelled, and the Grass-and-Flying ball flew towards the Poison Pokemon, who stood there, head twisted. It couldn't try to back off, as there was a wall behind, and could've moved aside if it wanted. But it didn't

It just stood there, waiting for the attack to come. As the sphere of certain death flew closer, it started to do something. The Grimer closed its eyes, standing perfectly still, like a pile of sludge...

Then shrunk. A lot.

Togekiss' attack flew past it and hit the wall, making quite a hole behind the Pokemon, who got caught in the shockwave and damaged by rebound.

Looking up at the bird Pokemon, the sludge Pokemon opened its mouth wide a-la-Bad Wolf and then spat the content of its stomach, dripping bullets of unknown substance rocketing to its opponent...


Area: Semi-lit corridor, but still quite dark. No other effect in play, but it's starting to smell. There's a door. It's locked. There's a hole in the wall behind Grimer.

Encounter #2
Grimer (??/??/??) 85.29% (Minimized) ]Sludge[

Trainer stats:
Name: Sec
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Total Items: x4 Park Balls ; x5 Super Balls ; x2 Max Potions ; x2 Full Heal

Pokemon Stats

Male Hardy Marowak (Lightning Rod) 100%
Extra Moves: TM Swords Dance, TM Earthquake

Female Calm Togekiss (Serene Grace) 76.64%
Extra Moves:

Previous Encounters:
#1: Elekid - Fainted
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