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Default Re: Khajmer's Log

Olivine Gym

3v3 DP
Helds Allowed
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause
Standard Terrain
Rain Weather

Leader Stinky: Empoleon, Metagross, Bronzong
Eraizaa: Kingdra, Electivire, Lapras

Kingdra got up a DD while Empoleon used Agility. Empoleon then tried to Swagger Kingdra into submission, but that backfired and resulted in pain for him. Metagross came in next, and Kingdra almost killed him too, but decided to pull out rather than take the last Bullet Punch like a man even though it would have survived with 2 HP. Electivire finished the job with Thunder instead. Then Bronzong came out. Erai used the obligatory Trick Room turn to switch in Lapras, then Hypnosis missed, allowing Lapras to Perish Song for the win.

Erai: $2000+Badge+TM
Michael: $1000
Me: $1500

Salary: $69,000
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