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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: Send me some rare 'mons, please! :D C'mon! I know you got a, a Starmie, or Kingdra or something with my name on it!

As for nature, even tho you can't tell me, I can still guess...Gentle, or Relaxed or maybe Jolly by the way its acting...probably Jolly :)


There were two things Dragana could do: dodge or enjoy the water. Looking at the happy Pokemon in her arms, she decided she might as well enjoy the cool blast of water. Truth be told, it would be refreshing. Ranger Sara must come from a tropical climate as it's already blazing hot, Dragana thought, whipping off her sunglasses and holding them behind her back, so they wouldn't get wet.

The water struck the young girl, making her cry out in both happiness and shock. "The water is freezing!" she complained to Sara, shaking her short violet hair like a wet dog. The jeans and sleeveless brown top she wore were mildly wet, but that didn't matter. Under them, Dragana had thought to wear a one piece, black bathing suit.

"A swim," she said with a smile at Sara. "Would be excellent." Turning her attention to the Tentacool, she called out, "Thank you! But I think I'll just leave you alone for now." Knowing most Pokemon are intelligent, Dragana waved at it in a friendly way before thrusting the sunglasses on her face again and turning towards another large lake, a little ways ahead.

Impish and impulsive as she was, Dragana didn't bother to ask Sara about swimming, but simply said, "Hey! Let's go over and take a swim! It's boiling!" And with that, she started to run to the pool, holding Shellos tightly in her grip.

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