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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

OoC: mainly random. However, if I judge your quality good, good moves might happen- you could try to suggest a move, but it won't happen the way you want it to anyway.


"Togekiss! Up!" her trainer ordered, and she dutifully obeyed, getting close to the ceiling to avoid the bullets, that splattered harmlessly on the wall. Sec then followed up with another order. “Togekiss, I want you to dive right at it at Extreme Speed! But shoot a small Aura Sphere at it in the middle of the dive!”

The flying Pokemon chirped as it prepared the combo, diving down wings closed as, charging up some energy, a small sphere of blue energy appeared in front of her, briefly lighting the corridor, allowing for a brief moment of easier search for Hyacinth- not that it helped much.

"I guess the light switch should be somewhere behind Grimer, and I can't get too close with you battling..." the ranger said.

Togekiss launched the depowered Aura Sphere at her opponent, who in the meantime didn't stand idle. The sludge Pokemon stretched and pirouetted over itsel, turning round and round as it reached up, all the while spewing thick, dark smog from its mouth, hiding itself behind it. Togekiss' attack perforated the shielding, but she couldn't really get close and risk to be poisoned.

"Damn," Hyacinth said as he covered his mouth and nose. "This is a Poison Gas attack- pay attention, this is dangerous for you too, Sec."

A semi-continous flow of sludge bullets started firing from behind the gas curtain.


Area: Semi-lit corridor, but still quite dark. No other effect in play, but it's starting to smell. There's a door. It's locked. There's a hole in the wall behind Grimer, but now you can't seen anything in that general area since there is a Poison Gas curtain all around that.

Encounter #2
Grimer (??/??/??) 76.34% (Minimized) ]Sludge Bomb[

Trainer stats:
Name: Sec
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Total Items: x4 Park Balls ; x5 Super Balls ; x2 Max Potions ; x2 Full Heal

Pokemon Stats

Male Hardy Marowak (Lightning Rod) 100%
Extra Moves: TM Swords Dance, TM Earthquake

Female Calm Togekiss (Serene Grace) 76.64%
Extra Moves:

Previous Encounters:
#1: Elekid - Fainted
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