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Default Re: Purified (PG)

Whoa, I'm gone for a day and look what happens! I didn't expect this much replies. o_o

That's great, though. ^^ And while we're putting out random words, here's one: Antidisestablishmentarianism! Bwah, ha, ha, ha!

@G. S: Yeah, four moves is totally lame! The story actually begins in a prologue I made up. I don't know if Rui and Wes ever got caught in a sandstorm, but I started like this to set the mood. Basically, half of the story is going to be flashbacks. After the prologue it begins with Wes's humble beginnings. Eventually, I get to the opening of the game with a BANG!

@ Scy: It was confusing? Well, I'm trying to write it so it wouldn't be. The prologue might be just a bit off, but I hope that afterwards it will pick up. ^^ Thank you for reading! And thanks for the editing!

Yeah editing! Thank you all! ^^ I'll get those fixed!

@Guard: Heheh, fork. X D Well, I'm glad that I offered some inspiration! LOL, I guess I have to go fix my other story. Thanks to this story, I got over my writers block! Yay! And I actually have chapter two and most of three done. I'm just being evil and waiting to post them later. X D

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