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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

Shelia looked back at Sam with a little worry in her eyes. When she looked up at the sun, her expression simply said, "Here goes nothing." Houndour knew the battle had officially begun, so it ran towards Shelia without much hurry.

Shelia seemed to be struggling. It was hard for her to split the energy she was absorbing into both healing and power. Houndour jumped at Shelia with fire covering its mouth. At that moment, the darkly Pokemon bit Shelia on her front left leg.

Shelia screamed in pain. She looked down at Houndour and fired a weak Solarbeam. The Solarbeam hit Houndour so it was pushed back. Houndour jumped back a bit to get some room between it and Shelia.

The Tropius looked down at her leg which was hurting. There was a burn it. Shelia looked back at Sam and waited to see what she would do.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sam

Money: $0,000

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: N/A

Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Charmander (M/Blaze) 39.36%
---Quiet Tropius (F/Chlorophyll) 37.66% (Special Attack Harshly Decreased)

Total Items: Parkball x 8, Super Parkball x 1, Repels x 5

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Sandshrew (?/Sand Veil), Naughty Dugtrio (?/Arena Trap)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Houndour (?/???) 90.14 [Howled]

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Magby (?/Flame Body), Docile Bronzong (GL/Fireproof), Docile Bronzong (GL/Levitate), Jolly Magmar (?/Flame Body)
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