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Default Re: Legendary Pokémon: Your Thoughts?

I mostly use Legendaries in my stories for three reasons;

1. Legendaries have always seemed to take the role of a sort of "ultimate challenge" in the Pokemon games, and due in a large part to the structure of the Pokemon games, in which some Pokemon can start out as naturally possessing more power than others, Legendaries are basically the only Pokemon tough enough to do battle against most main characters without having a huge bucketload of extra power pasted on.

2. My story's plot is mostly about an average kid who discovers he has incredible, god-like power and ends up falling into corruption as a result of his abuse of said power; as such, a Legendary (in this case, Mew, who's always been a major player in the Pokemon fan world) was a good candidate for this role.

3. To parody the American government.
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