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Default Story Concept: Chronicals of the Sentinels

*Please do not steal*

Okay, so this is an idea that's been floating around in my head for a while. I'm working on two other stories, but I've been thinking about sharing this one: The Chronicles of the Sentinels. This story would revolve around a legend that I came up with that goes something like this (rough draft):

When life had just begun, it is said that Pokémon were originally the inhabitants of the land. They were the stewards and kings of its rich earth, vivid valleys, and deep forests. The sky, the earth, and the water belonged to them, and the elements obeyed their every whim. A time came, however, when strangers appeared: humans. These pioneers saw the serene beauty of the landscape, and a longing filled their hearts. All of them were searching for a new home, and now they had found a place far beyond their dreams.

However, many of the Pokémon did not feel inclined to share. In their pride and selfishness, they called up the Grand Council of Legends to judge the humans. Through much debate, observation, and struggle, the Council came to a decision. These first humans would be allowed to settle here, as long as they followed certain laws and requirements. First, they were to give the outmost respect for nature and Pokémon. Last, they were to give payment to the Legends in service. Out of every generation, seventeen humans were chosen to pay that debt, and were given the duty to protect and provide, watching over the balance of the world and give aide to those in need.

Everyone of those seventeen chosen were given a specific type, according to the powers of Pokémon: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Rock, Ground, Steel, Flying, Normal, Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Dragon, Bug, Poison, and Fighting. Afterwards they were given an incredible gift, a gift that would allow them to transform into a Pokémon of their type. They became a part of two worlds, both human and Pokémon, but part of niether. But their lives would never be their own. They lived only for the sake of others. Those seventeen, however, gladly did as the Legends asked of them. Humans, in turn, were allowed to inhabit the land.

After the first generation passed on, the Seventeen Sentinels passed their powers to a heir. The second passed as the first, and as did the few that followed. History passed on, and the torch was handed from one person to another. The humans, however, soon grew over-confident and forgetful. Within time, their solemn promise with the Council so long ago was lost in myth. The Sentinels continued their work in quiet resilience, and the Legends were momentarily pleased. But before the Great Ones could anticipate it, humans had come to inherit their world. Their own powers began to weaken as they lost control of their realm, and soon their only goal in existence was to keep balance and peace. These humans they had trusted, however, began to show their ugly side of nature.

Eventually, even members of the Seventeen lost sight of their glory. Many of them grew greedy and selfish with their power. In the darkest of times, a man named Marlan came to be the Sentinel of Ghost. He rose in rebellion to the old teachings and laws, and sought to use his gift only for his vile purposes. Delving deep into dark arts, he discovered a way to make himself as immortal as the Legends themselves, then founded an army in defiance to them. Only through the power of the Council, he was imprisoned and punished . . . But five hundred years after plotting his revenge, he escaped.

That's still a rough idea of the legend, and I'll improve it. But all in all this story would be about these human who can change into a Pokemon of their type. More specifically, the main character would be a young boy chosen to be the Sentinel of fire and his struggle to escape this Marlan guy.

Yes, it might be cliche to pick the ghost type for the villain. But there's a reason behind this. You see, Marlan can change into Spiritomb, thanks to the Sentinel gift. But when he changed back into a human, the Odd Keystone that makes up the Pokemon remained. After some experimentation, Marlan discovered that he could lock the souls of other humans within his Odd Keystone, since in the games it is said to hold spirits, and drain power from them. More importantly, he discovered that he could capture the souls of other Sentinel's with it, thus stealing their gift. Marlan then attempt to track down the other sixteen Sentinels and take their power for his own purposes.

The main character, which I will name Sawyer, is suddenly given the Sentinel's gift and must flee from him. I plan for him to go find other Sentinels, but I'm not sure what will motivate him to do so. I'm also not sure what kind of a character I want him to be: A bookish type who spends most of his time in a fantasy; or a fun-loving guy who lives from moment to moment, and cannot commit himself to the future. I'd appreciate any feed-back.

I also want to include just a tiny thing from one of the Pokemon movies. If I remember right, in the Sea Temple one there was talk about a tribe of people known as "the people of the water". I started thinking about it, and wondered if it could be a part of something bigger. What if there were two other tribes? The people of the Air and the people of the Earth? (After the Hoenn Legendaries, of course) The People of the Water were largely concerned with the ocean and Manaphy. The People of the Air would then be concerned for the quality of the air and work closely with Shaymin. (None would remain to the current time-frame) If I expanded on this, I would have the people of the Earth become largely concerned with the Sentinels or something.

Would anyone be interested in this? Do you have any feedback? I would greatly appreciate any input on this story. ^^

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