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Default Re: Story Concept: Chronicals of the Sentinels

My only doubt points to how the humans arrived out of thin air with no causation. A plothole like that could come back and haunt you later on in a story like this, so I'd really recommend to work something out that makes sense.

The concept of the Sentinels is pretty interesting, but it does seem like a lot of things very similar to that have been done already. Maybe play around with the idea a bit more, see if you can shape it into something that fulfills the story niche but seems a bit more unique.

Also, just as a word of advice to anyone starting a new story, try writing the first five chapters BEFORE you post anything. If you can do that, then you know you've got a story that has the potential to go places. If you have a lot of trouble getting your ideas out and/or they don't look as good as you originally intended, you might want to take a moment to step back and think things over again. Once you start posting, you can't go back and change things (well, technically you can, but your readers might start losing faith in the story if it keeps having to be changed around), so make sure what you have in the beginning is what you really want to work with. Without a doubt, the exposition pretty much defines the nature of the story's setting. Make sure you like it before you commit to it.

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