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Default Re: Story Concept: Chronicals of the Sentinels

Hey, thanks for the reply. Thing's are a bit slow here . . .

Okay, so I didn't go into detail about where humans came from because I don't plan on ever expanding upon it in the actually story. I would think that it's irrevalant and distracts from the main story, but should I figure something out for it? I plan for this to take place thousands of years after the Council actually did all that, and so humans would have forgotten completely where they came from in the first place. In fact, only a few people even know about this legend, and that would be the people from the tribe I talked about.

If I might ask, what stories are similar to this? I certainly want to be as original as possible, and I had put some deep thought into some elements of this.

And that was wonderful advice. I wrote nine chapters in my other fic (Lunar Destinies) before I decided to share it, and I liked it for the reasons you talked about. I plan to do the same with this one if I ever get it all straightened out. So far, it ain't looking good. But I'll try.
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