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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

As Charmander released all that smoke in Houndour's direction, Houndour became disoriented for a moment and wasn't sure where to find its new target. It just sat down in the floor, waiting for the smoke to clear.

At that moment, Charmander looked up. A bright beam shot from his body and headed towards the sky. All the clouds suddenly cleared and the sunlight became strong. Houndour noticed the big flash of light and now knew where to find Charmander. It stood up and took a big breath. As Houndour exhaled its breath with strength, it let out a massive flamethrower in Charmander's direction.

Unaware, of this, Charmander was running towards the Smokescreen to attempt a Metal Claw attack. He ran with enthusiasm hoping for victory only to find himself enveloped in very strong flames. Normally, Charmander would have taken that, but the sudden heat on the weather made it too much, especially with Charmander's health. Charmander tried going forward, but getting even deeper into flames only made it worse. Charmander fell backwards and fainted.

Ranger Eli was rather speechless. As the Smokescreen cleared, Houndour was found resting in the floor again. This wild Pokemon didn't to be too worried about the battle, not even when it had taken a beating, and yet it still came on top. Now Sam only had one Pokemon left.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sam

Money: $0,000

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: N/A

Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Charmander (M/Blaze) FNT
---Quiet Tropius (F/Chlorophyll) 47.3% (Poisoned)

Total Items: Parkball x 8, Super Parkball x 1, Repels x 5

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Sandshrew (?/Sand Veil), Naughty Dugtrio (?/Arena Trap)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Houndour (?/???) 50.68 [Paralized]

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Magby (?/Flame Body), Docile Bronzong (GL/Fireproof), Docile Bronzong (GL/Levitate), Jolly Magmar (?/Flame Body)
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