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Lightbulb Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: It all depends on how you perceive them. Dragana had a weird perception of the creatures around her, including beautiful, harmless 'Mudkips


"Okay!" I replied happily, letting out a sigh of relief. We were now away from that Mudkip--now that I think of it, it was kinda cute. Although I still felt a slight shudder at the thought of it coming near me.

Grinning cheerfully at Sara, I began to rummage around in my backpack for my checkbook. I brought some money with me, of course. But I wasn't sure if I had $5000 in cash---I mean really, who goes around with that much money? Luckily, I had recently come into a decent amount of Poke'money. A very famous writer, by the pen name of "Tyranitar Trainer" had held an art contest for her new book, "Vampires at Dawn". I had won that contest and the twenty-something thousand prize money was rather useful.

Finally, I found my check book. It had a gray leather holder and the actual checks were a violent orange with small Growlithes printed on them. "National Bank of Rustboro" in shiny black lettering was printed on the bottom, with the words "Dragana Amonea, P.O. Box 155, Rustboro City, 00001" above them.

"Here, I do hope you take checks," I said brightly, smiling as I wrote down the needed information on the check. It was my idea that the more cheerful and outgoing you were, the more popular and happy you would be. Usually I was right, with the occasional exception. Exceptions that my sister Amonea--why she is always called by her surname I have no idea--would point out, unless they were really bad.

OOC: Don't sic Alucard on me for using your name :P I was trying to be creative =)

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