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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

Houndour launched the strongest Flamethrower it could right at Shelia, but at that moment, Shelia flapped her wings and fired a sharp wind attack. The Air Slash began cutting the Flamethrower right down the middle, protecting Shelia from it. Houndour was still trying to make the Flamethrower work and didn't notice the attack coming its way when it got suddenly hit by it. Houndour was in shock and flinched for a moment.

Shelia took that opportunity to send several sharp leaves towards Houndour. Shelia looked down as if wasn't feeling so well. She didn't look so good either. Houndour actually sat down in the floor then rolled over, dodging the leaves. It thought it was safe, but suddenly, the leaves turned around and hit Houndour in the back. It Howled in a lot of pain and fell to the floor. It was shaking in pain.

"Sam! Now's your chance!" shouted Ranger Eli

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Sam

Money: $0,000

Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects: N/A

Encounters Remaining: 8

Pokemon Stats:
---Hardy Charmander (M/Blaze) FNT
---Quiet Tropius (F/Chlorophyll) 32.2% (Poisoned)

Total Items: Parkball x 8, Super Parkball x 1, Repels x 5

Total Captured Pokemon: Quirky Sandshrew (?/Sand Veil), Naughty Dugtrio (?/Arena Trap)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Houndour (?/???) 1.75% [Paralized]

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Magby (?/Flame Body), Docile Bronzong (GL/Fireproof), Docile Bronzong (GL/Levitate), Jolly Magmar (?/Flame Body)

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