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Default Witching Hour [Halloween Event/Mission Sign-Ups]



The National Park is a place of abundant natural resources and primitive, wild beauty. Not to mention plenty of Pokemon. In the past, people have tried to plunder the rich ecosystems found around the island, but none have ever done it like this.

They came one night, drawn to the island. They wanted it to themselves, those wrinkly old Hags and the ugly skinny Warlocks. In order to drive everyone away -and KEEP them away- these wretched beings placed powerful curses on visitors, as well as Pokemon, turning them into monstrous Ghouls.

Desperate to save the island and those poor transformed souls on it, the Rangers worked nonstop to find a way to fight back. After an exhaustive amount of research, they managed to create Balls dubbed "Containment Balls" that could, as their name implied, contain the Ghouls; the Rangers also learned how to break the curses of the Hags and Warlocks. Armed with this knowledge, Rangers put out a call of help to Trainers world-wide. Those who answered the cry would assist the Rangers in catching and curing the Ghouls, as well as facing off against the Hags and Warlocks to drive them off

Trainers responded immediately to the plea for aid, flocking to the island, where they were grouped up with the Rangers waiting. Now, night has fallen, and the teams are ready to go. Will they have the strength -and courage- to win? Or will they fail and join the ranks of the Ghouls?



-You must be a member of the National Park to join

-One Ranger can take up to five Trainers

-All groups start in different areas, but can move to others and join with other groups. If more than 8 groups go through, dice will be rolled to determine where the other groups go. Rangers claim the area they want to start in when they post

-All groups must meet and join for the final battle so everyone has a chance to take part. I will let Rangers know when and where to take their Trainers

-Each Trainer can only carry up to four Ghouls

-Trainers CANNOT separate from the group

-No Pokemon can be caught during the Mission

-Rangers: When you make Ghouls appear, you MUST ALWAYS make a number equal to or greater than the number of Trainers you have. This ensures fairness and that everyone will always have a chance to catch a Ghoul

-Only Ghouls are encountered during this Mission (no Pokemon)

-Only Trainers who catch four Ghouls AND take part in the final battle against the Hags and Warlocks will be able to claim the “grand prize”



There are five different kinds of Ghouls, all transformed from humans and Pokemon, of which Ghouls can be either or. A Trainer can only carry up to four Ghouls. Ghouls can inflict status conditions on the Trainers or otherwise affect them:

-Zombie: If one bites you, you’re inflicted with Toxic. Trainers have 100 HP, and if it runs out you faint and are removed from the RP

-Werewolf: They can inflict Fear (works like Freeze) by howling at their victims

-Ghosts: These Ghouls have been made insubstantial by the curse of the Hags and Warlocks. They cannot be harmed by most physical means; only Sea Salt Crystals and Special-category Pokemon attacks can affect them. If they get close enough or move through you, you might get inflicted with Paralysis from the biting cold.

-Vampire: These nasty creatures drain a Trainer’s blood. Trainers have 100 BP (Blood Points), and if they reach 0, the Trainer faints and is removed from the RP

-Hags/Warlocks: You can’t catch these Ghouls. They can put a Trainer to Sleep and even turn them into other Ghouls if the victim isn’t careful

Catching Ghouls: You can’t just walk up to a Ghoul and smack it in the face with a Containment Ball. Like a Pokemon, you have to weaken them first. In order to do that, you must use Special Items. These items not only weaken Ghouls, they have other beneficial effects:

Ancient Charm: These old paper charms are inscribed with a prayer in an old language, which is used to banish evil spirits. These charms have a 25% chance to cure Paralysis, a 50% chance to prevent the status, and weakens Ghosts.

Silver Bracelet: These are thin but sturdy bracelets made from pure silver. They have a 25% chance to cure Fear, a 50% chance to prevent the status, and weakens Werewolves.

Sea Salt Crystals: These are pale translucent crystals made from sea salt. Like voodoo zombies (not the ones of horror and science fiction), the Zombies made by the Hags and Warlocks aren’t dead corpses, simply poor souls who have been put into a deep, cruel trance. Their saliva has also become poisonous. The Sea Salt Crystals have a 25% chance to cure Toxic, a 50% chance to cure the status, and weaken Zombies.

Holy Cross: Blessed and endowed with the power of faith, these small golden crosses can be strung on either necklaces or bracelets. They slowly restore your BP (5 points for each post) and weaken Vampires.

Lady’s Blessing: These strange silver pentagram pendants appeared scattered across the island shortly after the Hags and Wizards arrived. They are about the size of a silver dollar and glow with a soft, comforting silver-blue light. They have a 25% chance to cure Sleep, a 50% chance to prevent the status, and weaken Hags and Wizards. These charms are also capable of curing Ghoul stats (10% chance) as well as being able to prevent it (10% chance). Because of their potency and relative rareness (only a handful appeared), they are somewhat expensive.

Pumpkin: These items don’t weaken Ghouls or cure/prevent status. Instead, they heal HP. Because your HP decreases from Toxic, BP loss, and attacks from Hags and Warlocks, you need to be able to restore them. Thus, Pumpkins heal 20HP. You may be lucky to find some glowing on the island, but it’s probably…safer…to buy a few before heading out.

Containment Ball: Anther item not used for weakening Ghouls, but catching them. If you drop a Ball containing a Ghoul, it may break free (and in turn destroy the Ball). Also, other Ghouls will try to break any Containment Balls they see, so don't get careless!

Depending on the quality of your posts, items will either weaken Ghouls only a little or a great deal. The Ranger will post when a Trainer's Ghoul has been weakened enough to capture. Also, Pokemon can battle with Ghouls, but using the Special Items will weaken them more than attacks from Pokemon. Also, each area will have a "mini-boss" that the FIRST GROUP in each area must defeat before moving on to other areas. These Boss Ghouls count as two Ghouls instead of one.

Special Items can be purchased at the Park Shop.



-One Ghoul: 3 of any Park items $1,000 or less

-Two Ghouls: $5,000

-Three Ghouls: An Uncommon Pokemon from one of the areas you visited

-Four Ghouls: A Capture Coupon (Adds 30 to the final capture rate of any Pokemon; single-use)

-Four Ghouls + Final Battle: Intermediate Pokemon from one of the areas you visited + $10,000

Ranger Compensation: Rangers will receive $6,000 for every Trainer they take through the Park.


+Joining the RP+

Fill out the form from the Front Gate and post it here. I'll edit the next post with everyone who's approved to enter. Rangers who are interested in leading groups, please post below saying so.

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