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Default Re: Witching Hour [Halloween Event/Mission Sign-Ups]

Medz ish accepted, I'll add you.

I guess no one realized that I edited the end of the first post taking out the part about "less than a week" and all that. Just to clear it up though, you CAN enter this even if you're currently in another RP or your last one ended less than a week ago.

Items are refundable if you don't use them, but if I see anyone buying ridiculous numbers just because they know they'll get their money back, that person will lose money equal to what they spent (so you'll lose double money, basically). Also, the Ghoul-specific items are like permanent, like Repellents, so you only need to have one for the whole RP. You don't get a refund for those, since they're used throughout the whole RP.

Yes, only Ghouls are encountered during this Mission.

Also, for Location, you can either do like Medz did and just leave it open, or you can fill in one or two preferred areas you'd like to go to. Rangers claiming that area can then take Trainers who want to start there.

Rangers, make sure you post stating where you're going to be starting.

DG, you can go through this as both a Ranger and a Trainer. However, your Trainer character has to be in a different group from your Ranger character.

Oh, and before I forget again: Rangers, when you make Ghouls appear, there MUST ALWAYS be an amount equal to or greater than the number of Trainers you're taking through. This is so everyone has a chance to capture a Ghoul. And a note to Trainers: Remember, this is like trying to catch normal Pokemon. Your effort and quality will be determined when you try to catch a Ghoul. That being the case, not everyone will always catch a Ghoul when they try to.

Also, I'm gonna be a Ranger, and just because I haven't got to go there yet, I'm going to claim Outer Heaven as my starting location.

I'll post my SU for Trainer-ness in a few.

Oh, please note that in order to go to Outer Heaven you need a Flying Pokemon that can REALISTICALLY carry a person. I don't care if Pidgey can learn Fly, there's no freaking way it's gonna be able to carry a person. The Pokemon doesn't need to have the Fly HM, it just needs to be able to fly and to carry your character.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, no, Full Heals/Restores cannot be used on Trainers to cure status. That sorta defeats the purpose of the Special Items, to an extent. And anyways, those items are made to be used on Pokemon, not humans.

EDIT2: Didn't realize it, but Medz, you gotta subtract another 500 from your money remaining. Entrance fee is 3,500 now.
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