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Default Re: Individual RP: Elrond

OOC: Sorreh. ^_^;;


I'll have to admit I almost snickered a bit when Phanpy hurled itself at Rhyperior's massive, sturdy body. Still, at least it was battling willingly this time, and not simply rolling around wildly, out of its mind in fear. Unfortunately, I don't think my battle strategy had worked quite as well as I had hoped; Phanpy didn't seem to have gained any confidence from its futile assault on the giant boulder that was my Pokemon. I decided the best way to continue was to simply have Rhyperior attack.

"Rhyperior, try your Poison Jab now," I said. "And, whatever you do, make sure Phanpy doesn't think you're holding anything back." I knew that the poison-type attack wouldn't work very well against the ground-type elephant, so if all went well, Phanpy might take away a little self-esteem.

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