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Default Re: ATF's Pond of Judging

R/S/E contest
Standard Smart

Shinies w/ Porygon-2
Medz w/ Venusaur
HKim w/ Venusar
Iridium w/ Gengar

Venusaur won with a lucky Synthesis that yielded him 16 hearts and it had a higher voting score. Gengar came close.

1st[ribbon]: Venusar{M} w/ 789pts. +2k & Spelon berry
2nd: Gengar w/ 701.5pts. +1.5k & Rabuta berry
3rd: Porygon-2 w/ 440pts + 1.5k & 1k berry
4th: Venusaur{H} w/ 0pts 5k berry

Me: 2k
Coordinator Stat's

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