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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: Poor children, tho really I do wanna meet Alucard--He can be my new best friend!!! [/sarcasm] BTW, is Psyduck an encounter?


The younger woman had followed Sara. They walked for several minutes, sneaking around pools of water, only disturbed by the glares of wild Pokemon. Finally they came to a large fence. Dragan stopped, eying the wall with a sense of foreboding. It reached on and on, each link of metal connected to another in a cris-crossed pattern, making it hard to see what waited behind the barricade. It was shining slightly, as if it had recently been oiled.

Dragana's sharp eyes detected the steel was thick, on both the chains and the large gate. It was also of note that the entire fencing was several feet tall, enough to discourage trainers from climbing it, lest they wanted a broken ankle once they got over it...unless the rangers were more worried about something getting out. Dragana shuddered as she entered the now open gate.

The place was much like outside the gate and Dragana stopped dead, chided herself. A fence did not mean that their surroundings would transfigure themselves into an alien environment. Gazing through her sunglasses over the masses of sand, small ponds and what appeared to be a rather large lake in the distance, Dragana frowned. It was just like the outside, but something was bothering her. Why were none of Pokemon not afraid of them?

Her frown turned upside down, however, when she saw the protective Dagger running amok. It wasn't normal for Dragana to grimace, but to grin. Her pretty, tanned face looked unnatural unless there was a smile on it. Dagger reminded her so much of her own Growly, her first Pokemon, an Arcanine. But she was on loan to Dragana's sister. The two got along well, perhaps too well.

However, her happy face dimmed a little as she remembered the odd behaving Pokemon. About to voice her question to Sara, she was surprised as the ranger beat her to it.

"I noticed that they were not that scared of strange people, well, I mean strangers. I'm not saying your weird, I didn't mean, well I could be classified as strange," Dragana laughed, her sea blue eyes twinkling a little. "But anyway! Let's check it out. In fact, I think Snookerdoodle may help. Since they aren't scared of us, I see no reason why they'd be bother by another Pokemon. Heck, they didn't care about Dagger running around!"

Grinning again, Dragana pushed her indigo-violet hair out of her face and reached into a rather large pocket on her baggy pants. Fishing around for a moment, she pulled out a blood red ball with a glittering letter on it--"K".

"Oh, Kaci's ball. Well, it doesn't matter. Snook could do with some more rest anyway." Laughing, the girl threw the ball at the ground, where it stopped a foot from the sand and in a small flash of green light, it released a large Dragonite. The Dragonite looked as jolly as Dragana, his orange scales glinting in the sun. Meanwhile, Dragana nodded at Sara, catching the Pokeball as it flew back to her.

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