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Default Re: We Love Music 2 [WLM2] - Where music and PE2K make babies

My first time attempting a review of an album, so go easy. I followed to other reviews in terms of set up and stuff. ^^;

Album: Be Human
Band: Fightstar
Year: 2009
Genre(s): Alternative Rock

Charlie Simpson - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Alex Westaway - Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals
Dan Haigh - Bass
Omar Abidi - Drums

1. Calling On All Stations
2. The English Way
3. War Machine
4. Never Change
5. Colours Bleed to Red
6. The Whisperer
7. Mercury Summer
8. Give Me the Sky
9. Chemical Blood
10. Tonight We Burn
11. Damocles
12. Follow Me Into the Darkness

Around the time he was in Busted, Charlie Simpson started a side project called Fightstar, which basically put, was completely different to the sound Busted put out. Busted was Pop Rock, Fightstar has ranged from Alt Rock to Hardcore to Alt Metal, along with fusing many other elements into songs, depending on the track. And from there, he knew the band had potential after they dropped their first EP "They Liked You Better When You Were Dead", which gained very positive results, so he left Busted to focus on it full time. Grand Unification was their first album, and that also got rated highly by many, containing a lot of tracks that were all unique in their own different way. Then, their second album, "One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours", saw them stretch out into even more genres, across tracks including some of their biggest hits Deathcar and Floods. They released their third album, Be Human, this year in April. So, how did that go for them?

Very well in my opinion. Once again, they tried something new and it pulled off for them, and hired an Orchestra and a Choir to help them gain a "Rock Opera" (As Fightstar put it) sound all while keeping elements from their past three albums, shown in Chemical Blood and Damocles for example. This also contained their first major hit in "Mercury Summer", which recieved major airplay all across England.

All the tracks on the album have their own unique sound to them, and all worth a listen. Some songs stand out more than others to different people, due to different tastes, but all should be checked out. Tracks like "War Machine", "Chemical Blood" and "The English Way" make the album worth it alone, three amazing tracks that flow so well. Really, the only "bad" track on here is The Whisperer, and thats because, for some reason, I just can't stand it, and that's the only Fightstar song I can say that about, and a lot of other people tend to rate it highly and as one of the best tracks on the album.

Three songs to check out and form an opinion off of:

War Machine: This is the song where the orchestra and choir contribute the most to the song, and it's by far one of the better tracks of 2009. Honestly, this showcases all the talent they have and then some, the lyrics, vocals, instruments, everything just made this song sound epic (lack of better word) on many levels.

Listen here:

Chemical Blood: Fuses elements of their first two albums, so it basically can give you an idea on how Grand Unification and One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours where, and just why they rated highly. That being said. Chemical Blood is a good track in it's own right, and worth listening to anyway, flows in with the rest of album fine to. Oh, and it references Ghost in a Shell anyway, so it's automatically awesome regardless.

Listen here:

The English Way: This sees them go more simple, and The English Way is more... plain rock than the others, and was the first single released from the album, so it should be easy enough to find. Despite that though, it's a stand out song on the album, and everybody who's a fan of the rock genre should like it.

Listen here:

But like previously mentioned, all the songs should be listened to at least once, since all are great in their own way, just personal taste. Mercury Summer, Never Change, Calling On All Stations, Colours Bleed To Red and Damocles, all great as well.

Quality: 8
Everything flows together well, and nothing is out of tune. Some of it sounds weird, but none the less, the tones are great.

Musicianship: 8
I believe I mentioned it somewhere in the review already, but if I haven't, then meh. All the men showcased their talents on here, and this is without a huge guitar solo or drum solo or whatever. The closest to that you will get is during War Machine where the Vocals drop out and it's a minute instrumental, but even then, not exactly a solo. Still, excellent stuff from everybody involved.

Writing: 9
The lyrics are awesome and once again, Fightstar have made something brand new and unique, or in the very least, very rare in the music scene with the combination of the nice riffs provided by Alex, the excellent drumming provided by Omar, Dan's bass skills are good stuff and Charlie has an amazing voice and can follow Alex well, and altogether, it just flows. If Charlie hasn't already gotten rid of the tag of "That Guy Out Of Busted", then this should have done the trick.

Ingenuity: 9.5
Tell me another band that this year has combined Rock/Hardcore with an Orchestra and Choir to provide backing instruments and vocals, or list me albums that's seen it happen before. It really works, and Fightstar have hit something here, to say the least.

Closing notes, I really enjoyed this. Thought it was great, and I really recommend it to everybody who is a fan of the genre. One Day Son and Grand Unification are better than this, granted, however this is my favorite from the band. It's one of those albums that just get better each time you listen to it, and easily one of the best albums of the year. Get it. Now.

Overall: 87%
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