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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

Sam was impressed with the Flareon, who continued to do tricks after the other pokemon left. When it finally noticed that Sam was standing there, Sam started to clap lightly. It did not seem as pleased as her. Sam watched the beautiful flame pokemon. She then turned slowly to Shelia.

"Flareon seems to like tricks, lets see if it'll like ours. Mix a Gust, Sweet Scent, and Magical Leaf, and don't hit it. If it attacks, try to use an Air Slash." Shelia knew what Sam meant by the list of moves. She had preformed them once or twice before, to show off. Sam wanted her to let out Sweet Scent and Magical Leaf together, then use Gust to push them where she wanted them. In this case, Shelia new that she wanted them to move towards Flareon, then swirl around her, hopefully impressing her. She had done this once to a young Skitty and the cat pokemon was overjoyed, but then again, it had felt the same way about a butterfly that flew past.

Shelia released the spores and leaves, then created a gentle gust that carried the mixture to Flareon, then made it swirl slowly around it. She hoped the pokemon would not attack, but prepared to release the Razor Leaf anyway.

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