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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

OOC: It's sassy isn't it? I don't think I like this Flareon all that much.

IC:"That didn't work..." Sam said as Flareon burned the leafs around it. As it charged, she called to Shelia, "Use Air Slash. Hopefully that will slow it down so that when you use Whirlwind it won't just run right through. After it's caught in the Whirlwind, use Leaf Storm into the winds." Shelia reacted quickly, for her own sake. She was staring to get tired of battling. Especially a bunch of fire types. She flapped her wings once and shot out a blast of air, then followed quickly with another flap creating swirling winds, then shot out a bunch of glowing leafs in the same direction.

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