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Default Re: Individual RP: Marshy Mellow

Originally Posted by GreenRampage View Post
OOC: Jeez louis I have a short dry spot of creativity and i almost get bumped =P

Hugh felt anxious as he approached his first battle of his trip. He reached to grab a ball, but stopped to think through the situation. He didn't want any of his Pokemon to get too seriously hurt on a Pokemon like Poochyena, one he wasn't very interested in. However, he doubted the enemy would just let him escape based on its clearly agitated mood. Hugh decided on the right-hand ball and tossed it into the air.

The ball erupted as the two-handed monkey stood ready for battle. "Okay Hao use your Fake Out to give him a nice little warning shot! And this time it's really important that you try to dodge his attacks, I don't want you getting hurt so early," Hugh ordered his Pokemon. HE was slightly worried Hao would do something stupid, but there was nothing he could do if that was the case.

Hao began to run towards the Poochyena and ready his right tail-fist. At the last moment before contact with the Dark hyena he pulled his left tail-fist towards it.

Hao smiled as
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