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Default Re: Sec - AUfan - Iridium - Medz [Normal Tough]

The 309 was an incomplete number, that's why it was in second place, 309 was to be divided by 2, then to add 45. Giving the correct number as edited above.

Marowak uses Focus Energy, +1 heart, crowd is impassive.

Umbreon uses Focus Energy, +1 heart, startles Marowak -3, crowd is impassive.

Miltank uses Tackle, +5 hearts, crowd cheers!

Swampert uses Curse, +4 hearts, Pokemon will go last, crowd cheers!

Miltank @ 5 hearts
Umbreon @ 1 heart
Marowak @ -2 hearts
Swampert @ 4 hearts

CM ~ 2
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