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Default Re: Individual RP: Sammy0295

OOC: That okay, I hope you feel better.

IC:As Shelia attacked Flareon, Sam noticed her wincing from the poison that Sam had almost forgot about. Her hand moved to her pocket which held four Pokeballs. One held Charmander, who she managed to faint, and the other three held knew pokemon she had just caught. Shelia was tired, and Flareon still had enough energy to last a while. Sam may have been stubborn, but she didn't like seeing her pokemon- or any pokemon, for that matter- in any sort of pain.

"Shelia," she called, "use another Whirlwind. We're leaving." She looked at Flareon. "Sorry to bug you, that really was quite a show before." Then she turned to Ranger Eli. "We're gonna go, okay?" Shelia let out a sigh- or as close to a sigh as a Tropius could get- of relief as she flapped her wings to use the Whirlwind. Sam pressed the button on Shelia's Pokeball sucking her into it with a red beam, giving her a well earned rest. While Whirlwind kept Flareon occupied Sam turned and started back down the trail, not that she had really gone that far up.

OOC: So much for what I said on AIM. I have decided to leave.
So I have to post the pokemon I claim and their genders right?
Quirky Sandshrew (Male/Sand Veil), Naughty Dugtrio (Female/Arena Trap), Relaxed Houndour (Male/Early Bird)
Oh and since it doesn't really matter now, can you tell me? She was sassy wasn't she?

Excuse me do you have a little girls room?
We used to, but we let them all go!

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