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Default Re: Witching Hour [Halloween Event/Mission Sign-Ups]

Name: Axel Grey
Entrance Fee: $3,500
Location: Mt. Oktori or anywhere else
Style: Mission
Extra Pokemon Permit: $1000
Total Money: $5250
Total Cost: $3500 + $1000 = $4500
Change: $5250 - $4500 = $750

Total Items:
Containment Balls (x5)
Pumkin (1x)
Holy Cross (1x)


Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Gentle

Pokemon: Crobat
Nickname: Fang
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Hypnosis, Heat Wave

Pokemon: Garchomp
Nickname: Chompers
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: - Stone Edge

Pokemon: Gliscor
Nickname: Shye
Gender: Male
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Nature: Brave
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Earthquake, Brick Break
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