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Default Re: National Park Sign Up


Name: Elijah Quinn
Age: 20
Gender: Male.

Personality: Elijah is Seq's younger cousin, who happens to be much more of a trainer than the aforementioned. Instead of pursuing a career, he opted to train with his team of three. Though he is not as intellectually oriented as his dear cousin, he is indeed a better Pokemon user. He has come up with new ways to use the natural skills of his Pokemon to turn the advantage in his favor.

At times, Elijah can seem like a determined kid - often getting angry when loosing or in a tough spot. However, he usually shapes up with a smile and continues until the end. He's very excitable and can often be seen running after the first thing that moves in search of an adventure. This attribute is quite helpful to all trainers he guides through the Park, as it usually results in unexpected surprises.

Description: Here.

Known Pokemon & Natures:

Lonnie the Jumpluff
Gender; Male
Ability; Leaf Guard
Nature; Careful.
TM/HM; Aerial Ace, Encore (BM) & Sunny Day.

Foreman the Quagsire
Gender; Male
Ability; Water Absorb
Nature; Relaxed.
TM/HM; Curse, Ice Beam, Waterfall.

Midas the Slowking
Gender; Male
Ability; Own Tempo
Nature; Impish.
TM/HM; Grass Knot, Ice Beam & Trick Room.


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