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Default Re: Rayne, Rayne, Go Away

Act Two cont;

“We’ll join you, Ara-Jay of the Mining District. But I’m afraid we don’t have that much to offer,” I said, sounding a bit sheepish. Honestly, it made a lot more sense now, the fact that he and Mawile weren’t all that skinny. The people of District Twelve were used to getting little food. The food that Ara-Jay and Mawile had been able to get their hands/paws on is definitely more than what they got on a regular basis.

“And we are honored to have you on your team, Rayne of the Factory District,” Ara-Jay replied, trying to mimic my voice but sounding much more sincere. “And don’t be silly. You and Kirlia have that hideout of yours. And we have food, besides the kind we just got. Fair trade, if you ask me.”

Kirlia raised an eye at the word ‘trade’. He raised a hand angrily at the eighteen year old, shaking it as he spat at him. Ara-Jay raised his hands into a surrendering position.

“Sorry, Kirlia,” he said in an embarrassed tone. “I didn’t mean trade. I’m not going to rob you two of your home.”

Kirlia nodded, seeming to accept the dark-toned teen’s answer. “It’s not much of a home, more of a cell, but you’re welcome to it,” I informed Ara-Jay before turning to Mawile and holding out my hand to the steel-furred Pokemon. “It’s nice to be a part of your team, Mawile.”

The Deceiver Pokemon glared at me for a moment before taking my hand gingerly in her paw and shaking it two. I smiled.

Ara-Jay and Kirlia didn’t copy us girls, but they did meet each other’s eyes and
nodded once, something that I had learned over the years meant that two boys respected each other. I sighed. “How about we take our meal into the cellar, then?” I suggested.

Kirlia nodded, using his Psychic to lift the log again. Mawile hurried inside, her fur-like skin making screechy noises against the stone as she landed on the ground. I leaned down to pick up one side of the box. Ara-Jay picked up the other, easing his way into the cellar while carrying most of our meal’s weight. I noticed that he also wore a small backpack. I hoped it is filled with Pecha berries.

We ate our meal quickly, devouring the turkey and deviled eggs like starving Mightyena. We saved most of the crackers for later, as well as two of our four apples. Kirlia and I split one of them while Ara-Jay and Mawile split the other. According to Ara-Jay, the turkey had been caught in District Twelve while the apples picked from trees in the neighboring District Eleven. He told us he knew that because of their ripe, golden color. The apples in all of the other districts ranged between deep reds to pale greens; only the apples from District Eleven were that golden yellow color. We mostly talked, down in that little cellar of ours. We talked about our favorite Pokemon types and moves, our favorite foods, even what our life was like back home.

Kirlia and Mawile never got past their hostility, but Kirlia and Ara-Jay became as close as you can come to friends in this place. Kirlia showed Ara-Jay many of his moves, from the Magical Leaf that killed the District Two tribute, whose name I now knew was Myddie, not Maddie, to the TMs that I had found early on in the Games. I mostly slept during these times while Mawile watched Kirlia shot Shadow Balls and Thunderbolts to impress Ara-Jay.

Our peace lasted only a few days and ended when we finally started to talk about what had happened in the Games previously. We were sitting outside of our makeshift home, simply enjoying the nice weather and peace. Kirlia is using Magical Leaf to cut some of the ripe Oran berries off of the tree. Somehow, I said the stupidest thing in my life.

“Magical Leaf is really helpful, you know. The leaves are so sharp they can pierce skin.”

Ara-Jay just stared at me with his haunting, dark gaze. “How do you know this, Rayne?” he asked.

“Uh, I… um, well,” I stammered, none of my words making sense. “It’s just… I killed Myddie.”

“Then why are you looking so upset about it? That’s how you win,” he said bluntly, hesitantly resting his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged him off.

“Don’t be so cool about that, Ara-Jay! I… I took someone’s life. She had friends back home, family. Maybe even someone that she truly cared about. And I took her away from all those people…” I replied, snapping at him. Kirlia turned to look at us, frowning. Luckily Mawile is still sleeping in the cellar.

“But you have a life too, Rayne. You can’t let her take that from you,” he informed me, shaking his head angrily. “Fight back with everything you have.”

“Have you killed anyone yet?” I shot back, standing up sharply. Kirlia glared at Ara-Jay, advancing towards us in case he needed to protect me.

Ara-Jay’s face darkened, though it might have been the sudden change in wind forcing a cloud to cover the sun. “That isn’t for you to know,” he replied coldly.

“You know that I’ve killed in cold-blood,” I informed him. “So fess up.”

“It wasn’t in cold-blood. I’m guessing Myddie attacked you first,” he said, shaking his head. “You killed her in self-defense. If anything, that’s the best reason to kill someone.”

“Then why won’t you tell me if you’ve ever killed someone?” I demanded, glaring at him. He stood up.

“I don’t need to tell you,” he said darkly. He straightened his back so that when he looked at me so he towered over me. “There’s nothing to gain from knowing if I’ve killed or not.”

“And there’s nothing to gain if I tell you about my home and family and you tell me about your home and family!” I informed him, trying to look calm by simply crossing my arms. Kirlia copied me, his pinkish hued eyes on Ara-Jay.

“That was just chit-chat, Rayne. Murdering people is serious.” Ara-Jay’s response is short and simple, but gave away more then he wanted to say.

“We weren’t talking about murdering people. Like you said, this is self-defense.”

I could see Ara-Jay take a deep breath. “I know what I meant.”

I took a deep, cleansing breath this time. “So you mean to tell me that you’ve murder--” I am interrupted, of course, by the sudden screeching of a Golbat. I clamped my hands over my ears as the indigo bat screeched louder, most likely aiming for his Supersonic attack at one of us three. Ara-Jay and Kirlia copied me, using their own hands to block the sound.

I looked towards the strange ripple-like waves of sound and saw a young boy following the poison-type Pokemon. His hair is a mess of coarse black and his eyes were like azure. He carried a spear in his hands, and on the top of the white stone is a liquid so rich and violet it looked like it was steaming. Looking at the wound up Golbat and back at the sharp spearhead, I can only imagine what it is.

Golbat let loose another Supersonic attack. The sheer force of the close-range attack caused me, Ara-Jay and Kirlia to step back. I glanced at our cellar home. Kirlia had left the log on the side in case Mawile wanted to come out. It didn’t look like she wanted to; though I am sure she had heard.

“Kirlia! Use Psychic!” I called out, turning sharply to my partner. Kirlia weakly raised his arms to perform the move and he managed to create the light again. However, it engulfed the boy instead of the intended target. I cursed.

“Kirlia! Snap out of it!” I said again. Ara-Jay shook his head. At least the boy is unable to move, though he can easily call out attacks.

“Keep on calling Kirlia! I’ll hold this kid off!” Ara-Jay called to me, drawing the dagger he kept hidden in his clothes. He obviously had the intent to kill him.

The boy tried to laugh, but all we can hear is the sound. “I’m not a kid, you murderer!” he screamed back at him. I froze, taking out my cylindrical shield in case Golbat is called to attack us.

Ara-Jay lunged for the boy instead of the more immediate threat of the purple and blue bat. Golbat promptly turned around to attack Ara-Jay instead and started to flap his wings furiously. A sphere of wind formed before Ara-Jay before Golbat shot it at the District 12 tribute. Ara-Jay is catapulted backwards with a loud thud.

I turned to Kirlia again, who is now spinning vacantly like a ballerina, his attack on the boy lost in the action. The blue-eyed kid is just now standing up, his hand still gripping the spear tightly, ready to charge. “Kirlia! Come on, we need you! Please!”

My calls seemed to be getting to my partner as he stopped spinning and now stood almost completely still though his arms still swayed back and forth. “Kirlia! Please, Kirlia! SNAP OUT OF IT!”

Kirlia’s eyes suddenly refocus and he shakes his head. “Kir… lia?” he replies weakly. He looks up at me, a smile cracking on his face.

“Oh thank goodness,” I breathe, turning my attention to the boy, Golbat and Ara-Jay. From behind me I can hear that Mawile is climbing out of the old wine cellar. “Kirlia, use Thunderbolt on Golbat!”

My partner gave a curt nod, eyes now intent on the enemy. Yellow light swallows Kirlia again and shoots like a stream of bullets, all connected, from his hand, hitting Golbat square in the torso, or mouth, perhaps. Either way, Golbat got a nice serving electricity. It sends him flying backwards, hitting a dark brown Oran tree. The tree shakes from the impact.

From the corner of my eye, I see the boy race towards Ara-Jay, spear ready for the kill. Ara-Jay dodges like pro, which he might as well have been. Dagger drawn, he deflects the spear with ease. Despite Ara-Jay’s efforts, poisonous jabs from the boy’s end come dangerously close. I decide it was time to intervene.

Golbat is still dazed from the Thunderbolt, so I turn once more to Kirlia for help. “Psychic on that boy! Make sure to keep him away from Ara-Jay!” I told him.

Kirlia nods, raising his arms to perform his favored move. Before Kirlia can use his power to overwhelm him, the young boy barks out a single command that Golbat follows through with quick precision. Kirlia looses focus the moment Golbat opened his mouth and Haze pours from it, curling itself around the trees and grass, as well as everyone and everything else in that area.

I cough as the Haze seeps inside my mouth. I looked around, but now everything is covered by the smoky fog. “Kirlia?! Can you get to Golbat!?” I call out, unaware of where the Psychic-type has gone.

Kirlia grabs my wrist, startling me. “Kirlia,” he replies quietly. I don’t need to see him shake his head to know that my answer is ‘no’.

“Ara-Jay! Can you hear me?” I call out, louder. My only feedback this time is a jumbled up moan. The male Golbat lets loose another Supersonic, forcing an angry shriek from Mawile. “Mawile! Protect Ara-Jay!” I command, praying she would listen.

I don’t need to see the steel type to know that she is angry at me for telling her what to do. But I know her well enough to know that she will help her partner in these horrific games. I turn back to Kirlia, hoping to see that purple glow of his eyes that means he has the upper hand in the battle now. I wanted to use Magical Leaf or Thunderbolt to attack the mop-headed boy and his Golbat, but Kirlia can easily miss and hit one of our friends instead, at least with Thunderbolt.

“Come on Kirlia, we need to get rid of this Haze!” I call out, grasping his hand again. A sudden blast of what fells like a thousand knives hitting my chest propels me backwards, forcing me to let go of Kirlia’s hand. In a faint, hazy outline I could see Kirlia a few feet away from me. The even hazier shape of Golbat was flapping his wings just inches from Kirlia.

I wasn’t sure what had happened, but they next thing I knew the Haze had been blown away. Ara-Jay was kneeling besides me, one hand on my shoulder and the other on his opposite arm. I can see that it is bleeding, though luckily there isn’t much blood coming from the wound caused by Golbat’s Air Slash. Mawile was on Ara-Jay’s opposite side, her small hands on the boy’s arm. Her maroon colored eyes are fixated on a shape that was still obscured by the retreating fog.

I jolt upwards from where I have apparently been lying on the ground. “Kirlia?” I call softly.

No answer. I can see the boy, who looked about sixteen or fifteen when he isn’t angry. Instead he looked… satisfied. As if he has seen what he had come to see. I know what it was, judging by the sheer nature of Games. He wanted to see someone die.

Panic rises in my throat. I can just barely hear my heart beat faster when I see who is missing from my side. But he can’t be dead, not yet, anyways. I am still alive, which means Kirlia is too.

“Kirlia!” I cry out, trying to stand up to run to the shape hidden by the remains of the haze.

The boy laughs, tossing his head back as he does so. His Golbat partner has flown back over to the tribute, hovering over his shoulder. From Golbat’s unhinged jaw were bits of some strange, pale green fur that had been drenched in a thick purple fluid. I gagged.

“Ara-Jay…. Where’s Kirlia?” I ask softly, hoping that somehow I am wrong. I don’t get an answer as Golbat lets loose another thick Haze and when it finally clears, the boy and Golbat are both gone.

I stand up weakly, feeling my legs buckle underneath the weight. I don’t care. I weakly walk over to the limp body of my partner. “Kirlia! Wake up!” I shout frantically.

Kirlia’s eyes flutter open for a brief moment before closing again. His skin is milky instead of its normal plain white and green. One of his deep pink ‘horns’ is covered in the same toxic poison that Golbat’s fangs had been covered in. Four deep puncture wounds mark where Golbat had used his Poison Fang attack. If this wound is left untreated, the poison will kill Kirlia’s cells, one by one, and leave him dead by the next, gloomy morning.

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