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Default Re: Individual RP: Elrond

I watched as Justin’s Rhyperior stalked towards Phanpy, which was rolling even more crazily than just a few seconds ago. The poison must have been acting on it relatively quickly; then again, it was exerting quite a bit of effort to roll around like it was, so no doubt it’s rapid pulse was making the poison flow all the faster.

Rhyperior pulled back her paw, which was now oozing fluid from the hole in her palm, and then punched down towards Phanpy. Her timing was perfect and she would have hit Phanpy dead-on, except that the little elephant abruptly swerved to the left. Rhyperior, thrown off-balance by her unspent momentum, staggered forward a few steps to stay on her feet…only to end up kicking Phanpy, which had just rolled in front of her left foot. Rhyperior tripped up and toppled over, landing with a loud thud as Phanpy was knocked several feet into the air. It flew about five feet before coming down hard, grunting with the force of impact.

After several moments, both Pokemon managed to clamber to their feet. Rhyperior looked a little scuffed up from where her rocky hide collided with rocks on the ground, but she fared little worse for the wear. Phanpy, however, was looking quite haggard. The little elephant was drooping heavily, head down, trunk flopping about weakly on the rocky ground. Its ears flapped back and forth feebly, as if it were trying to summon the strength, or maybe the courage, to keep fighting.

Finally, the Pokemon raised its head and stared at Rhyperior. It studied her for a moment, then looked around and took in its surroundings. Its gaze rested on a large pile of various-sized stones, and almost in the same second it saw them the Pokemon acted. It rushed over to the stone pile and let out a trumpet, reaching the stones and grabbing one up in its trunk. It gave another cry and flung the stone, then picked up another and pitched it. Within two or three seconds nearly two dozen stones of different sizes were flying throuhg the air towards Rhyperior, who was less only about six feet away.



-Bold Female Rhyperior: 95.69%
-? ? Phanpy: 17.08% ([PSN] ; Defense increased x3) <Rock Slide>


Trainer Stats:

Trainer: Justin
Money: 9,700
Location: Mt. Deckbi

Area Effects:
Encounters Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Hardy Male Machamp (TM Earthquake, TM Fissure, TM Ice Punch, TM Brick Break, TM Return, TM Bulk Up, TM Thunder Punch) <Guts Ability>

-Bold Female Rhyperior (Surf, Rock Polish, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw) <Solid Rock Ability> [Currently out of Ball / Currently engaged in battle]

Total Items: 5 Park Balls, 5 Hyper Balls, 3 Repellent, 4 Max Potion, 4 Full Heal

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Phanpy {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured:
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URPG Stats/National Park Info/Coordinator Stats

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