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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

OOC: Np, I hope you get your Laptop fixed soon ^^


"You're doing pretty well, Infernape, don't worry at all," I said, trying to keep Infernape's morale up, as a barrage of Pecks was thrown his way yet again.

"We've weakened it quite enough," I continued. "Let's try and do a little more damage, but you musn't knock it out, ok?"

Infernape nodded in confirmation that he understood.

"Alright, let's just try a simple Scratch attack this time."

Whatever Infernape was expecting, it was not this. I thought he was taken aback by my command, for there was half-a-second's delay, but being a disciplined and well trained creature, he did not disobey my command.

He held up his hands and started rushing towards Farfetch'd. Scratch was a pretty basic attack, and Infernape would merely try to scratch Farfetch'd face, wings and other body parts. He didn't have claws as such, but his sharp pointed nails were good enough for the job at hand.


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