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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP


-Name: Alec

-Gender: Male

-Species: Larvitar

-Side: Renegades

-Age: 16

-Description: Standing at 2' tall, Alec doesn't seem to physically be different from any other Larvitar. However, the differences could be seen if one gets closer. Alec's normally rocky skin is instead smooth and glossy, like finely-sanded rock, or a gem. This abnormality has given Alec an immunity to the normal dual-Type weakness against water; he can swim, dive, or take water attacks as well as any Normal-Type Pokemon. However, contrary to some Pokemon's beliefs, this glossy skin does not give Alec greater defenses against physical attacks; in fact, Alec's Defense is lower than others of his species.

Other than his smooth, gem-like skin, Alec has one more abnormality. His eyes, instead of being ruby red, are as blue as a sapphire. No one is quite sure why he has this mutation, but other than the beautiful color, nothing seems to be very different about his vision; it's still bright and clear for him. He doesn't have worsened vision, but neither is it improved better than anyone else in any way.

-Personality: Contrary to the time period and environment that Alec has grown up in, he's a very cheerful and optimistic Larvitar. Failures only briefly depress him, but he always looks forward to the next hurdle, the next challenge, the next chance to correct and redeem his mistakes and failures. Even when faced with adversaries, he keeps optimism close in his heart, feeling that in the end, everything will turn out for the better for him. However, he isn't stupid; he doesn't believe good things will be delivered to him. He knows he has to work for it. And it was for this reason he joined that growing movement to change the past somehow.

One of the things that Alec relies on most is the bond of a team, companionship, friendship. It's what keeps him hopeful and cheerful, ever since he was separated from his parents some years before. This is why he jumped at the opportunity to join with an Espeon known as Xin to form a Rescue Team. With the world being paralyzed, almost every one of the Rescue Teams at the time had been disbanded in shame and sadness. however, problems still plagued the surviving Pokemon, namely a lack of food. So, Alec and Xin worked together to make the lives of hopeful Pokemon as well as possible in this bleak future. The recent rumors of reversing the paralysis in the past had recently reached their ears, and they immediately caught on. The possibility of vanishing from existence was perfectly accepted by both, but all they wanted was a brighter, happier future in which Pokemon could live and thrive.

-History: Alec was born into this bleak, dark future, a paralyzed world. No sunlight ever graced his face, no winds were felt on his unusual skin, and he never saw the splendors of the most beautiful seasons year after year. It was always the same, unending, boring, desolate scenery. Rubble that had been tossed up in the earthquakes following the collapse of Temporal Tower were frozen in midair, waterfalls were as solid as ice, but bore a perfectly neutral temperature; everything feels like it's at the same middle point between warm and cool. The births of Pokemon these days were rare indeed, because most of the Pokemon remaining after the world's destruction were too focused on merely surviving, instead of continuing their species, and thus, the world's Pokemon were dying out, slowly, but surely.

At first, Alec's Tyranitar parents showed concern over his unusual skin texture. It was about as hard as the skin of a Larvitar's normally was, but it was smooth, and slightly shiny, like a gemstone, rather than rough, gritty rock. However, other than the smooth skin, Alec looked and acted just like any other Larvitar babe. So the worry began to fade. They were also intrigued by the color of his eyes, finding them bright and captivating. It wasn't until years later that the benefit of his skin "deformity" began to show itself.

Sometimes, water Pokemon who had gone feral from the collapse of Time would attack Alec's parents, thinking that they'd be easier prey because of the natural Type-weaknesses Tyranitar have. However, they'd find that to be the wrong assumption, because Tyranitar are never pushovers, even against Types they are weak against, even Fighting-Types. However, one particular day, a feral Wartortle decided to try and attack Alec instead, while his parents were turned. The Water Gun blasted Alec back, but he was not cringing in pain like most Pokemon with a dual-weakness do. In fact, he seemed to be shrugging off the stream of high-pressure water more than possible for a Pokemon his Type and age! The attack gained Alec's parents' attention, and the Wartortle was sent flying (it's hard to say if he survived the fall, or, indeed, has yet to come down from the fall!).

Alec may have grown up in a bleak environment, but because of how his parents raised him, and always gave him their companionship, he hardly ever found a reason to really be sad and unhappy. He had his parents, he had enough to survive on comfortably, despite the constant attacks and moving around when their den was compromised, so he felt that he should be cheerful for his parents. As the years passed, he grew into a fine, strong youth, helping his parents more and more.

When Alec was about 12, however, disaster struck. They had settled their new temporary den unknowingly in an already claimed area, and a bunch of feral and angered Graveler attacked them while they slept. Weakened and battered, Alec and his parents had to run for it along the narrow path against the cliff face. However, an Earthquake from one of the Graveler caused the path underneath Alec to break off, making him slip and fall down into the dark chasm below. Alec never saw his parents again...

When the Larvitar awoke, he was scared and sad for the first time in his life; his parents, who were always there, weren't around. However, he waited, sitting right where he was, for a time span equal to three days. When his parents never showed up, he sighed, picked himself up, and continued out into the paralyzed world alone. Sadness and fear continued to grip him, but slowly, his confidence started to grow inside him. He began to realize that his parents would never want him to feel like this. Soon, he was his old, optimistic self again, looking for a place to call his own home, helping Pokemon he met along the way, and making life after the end of the world that much more bearable.

A couple years later, he came across a scene that would forever change his life. He'd just come through Dark Hill when he heard a loud cry of pain and fair. The Larvitar started running towards the origin, coming across an Eevee being attacked by two Arbok and a Seviper, the latter currently coiling around the writhing brown-furred Pokemon in an attempt to crush his bones and open an opportunity to bite his neck and kill him. Alec never gave them a chance. After unleashing a powerful Earthquake attack on them, he rushed into the fray, fighting off the Seviper. With the Eevee freed from his suffocating grip, Alec and this Eevee easily fended off the snake Pokemon together, causing them to retreat.

While they rested, Alec introduced himself to this Eevee politely, a gesture which was returned; the Eevee's name was Xin. At first, Xin was pretty shy and shaky, especially after the attack he had just survived, but the more Xin and Alec talked, the more they warmed up to one another. Once rested, Xin and Alec decided to travel together, finding strength and safety in numbers. the beginnings of a strong friendship blossomed between the two.

The two foraged for food together, traveled together, and even helped a few Pokemon who needed their help along their wandering travels. Alec and Xin began reminiscing about the stories they had heard about times before Temporal Tower collapsed, a time when Rescue Teams would help Pokemon out so often and make life better. Since the world became paralyzed, and so many Pokemon died and were frozen in time as a result of the tower's collapse, there hadn't been any Rescue Teams. However, both Xin and Alec agreed the world was in need of a Rescue Team, now more than ever. Taking an oath together, the two friends formed the last Rescue Team their world might ever see again. Donning the name of Team Hope, they began going around the continent, helping out what little they could. This was mostly helping Pokemon find a home, finding a cure or treatment for some sickness, or, most commonly, finding food from the ever-shortening stores.

As they traveled, whispers of a movement to restore the world by altering the past, preventing the collapse of Temporal Tower, reached their ears. These rumors were disregarded at first, the both of them having heard so many hopeful rumors it was a little hard to believe. But as more and more whispers of this movement reached their ears, they began to believe, and a new hope blossomed in the hearts of Team Hope. As they helped Pokemon out, they were silently looking for any new evidence of this movement, hoping to join it. But their Rescue Team's own fame drew the attention of the Agents of Primal Dialga.

Eventually, after the woke from sleeping sometime in the near future (a time equal to three days), they found themselves surrounded by Sableye, as well as several other Pokemon. For a "crime" they had yet to even commit, they were ordered to be brought to Primal Dialga and his Officer, Dusknoir, and executed. Not willing to go without a fight, Alec and Xin worked together and defeated their potential captors, and, amazingly, Xin became one of the rare, lucky few in the paralyzed world to find the gift of evolution, becoming an Espeon afterwards. However, now they knew they needed to hurry up and find the ones working towards a better future; they were already ordered to be executed, and would be pursued relentlessly from now on, they both knew it.

It took less time and searching than they thought; their fame as the last surviving Rescue Team had been heard by more friendly ears, as had their narrow escape from capture. They were confronted by a few members of this movement, and in short order were added to the small numbers of Renegades.

Now, Alec works closely with his new friends and Xin, knowing that they would disappear from a future that would not exist if they succeeded, but he had accepted his fate. Losing his parents made him realize that a better future for the whole world was worth sacrificing himself.

-Other: Obviously, Alec and Xin could actually pose as a Rescue Team when they make it to the past, but they would soon be plagued by doubts and such when they start making it obvious they're helping find the Time Gears.
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