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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Thanks, Neo. Here's hoping he's all good and well (I'd feel like such a tryhard with this big sheet if Shen hadn't already done it XD):

Name: Xin ("Light of Heart")
Gender: Male
Species: Espeon
Side: Renegade
Age: 18

Description: Xin's somewhat smaller than average, but his lean frame and rangy limbs make him appear bigger than he actually is. He is possibly what humans would call a shiny Pokemon, however, he isn't exactly that either.

Xin's just lighter in colour than most of his species - a light violet that is almost silver-blue at some pointswith fur that is generally soft unless he hasn't bathed (which is often), with the jewel in his head a dark purple and a tail that, despite no longer being an Eevee, tends to creep around his hindquarters, regardless of his stance or position. This is likely an unconscious act of self consciousness, as his tail covers up the jagged grey-white that trails from under his chin, over his right shoulder and along his girth, ending just shy of the middle of his belly. He probably also feels slightly ashamed of how thin and lean he looks, though he can't help it; he's just one of those unfair types with the fast metabolism, though his poisoning by an Arbok seems to have somewhat contributed to his inability to maintain a more plump stature.

Xin's right ear is ripped just short of the tip, enough so that the tear is noticeable and flaps slightly in a breeze, but not enough for his ear to droop without him consciously making it do so. Most noticeable about this little Espeon though are his eyes. They are a deep, dark blue flecked with violet, and express an astonishingly wide range of emotions, but above all, the faint, haunted sadness that always lurks behind his intent gaze, something that seems to never quite disappear even when he's smiling...or smirking, depending on his mood.

Personality: Xin can be very mature for his age when he chooses to be, a combination of his natural intelligence and what he's been through in his life so far. There is a distinct sadness about him regardless of his mood, the kind of sadness that makes one want to hold him close and protect him until it goes away, even if he'll probably start snarling and kicking at the embarrassment of it if he didn't have due warning or wasn't feeling particularly welcoming. As aforementioned, he's also quite intelligent, or at least insightful, but he tends to let his thoughts get the better of him now and again, which can make him seem a bit absent-minded at times.

His ability with Psychic attacks is definitely worth noting; Xin is both naturally and as a result of the struggle to survive have made them exemplary and brutally strong at the best of times. However, it's also worth noting that while his agility and abilities are very powerful, they can also pack a terrible punch to his energy reserves if he overshoots his limits, both physically and on his mental psyche.

As a natural personality beyond the Psychic and the sadness, Xin is naturally a tad shy. He's no pushover, to be sure, but it takes him a little while to warm up to most personalities, though he's a bit of a sucker for the wise, motherly types and the sweeter ones. Surprisingly though, once he's past the shyness, Xin is actually a rather personable sort. He can act older than his age, yes, but he's a rather amiable sort, more likely to tilt his head and flick his ears cheekily at you if you get fired up at him. And yes, he is very cheeky at times; he's particularly good at sitting there and looking innocent, while making the most appropriate-for-the-moment but innappropriate comments, before grinning that adorable grin, complete with twinkling blue eyes, because he knows it'll generally get him out of trouble. And if that fails, he hightails it, and probably laughs the whole distance spent chasing him and swearing everytime he escapes your grasp.

It's plain obvious the moment one meets him and gets something close to his trust that Xin is an incredibly loyal creature, and surprisingly, one with a lot of love to give once he's established his heart will be safe in doing so. He will fight to the absolute last drop of energy if it means providing a means of escape for the ones he's come to care for and love, will stand over them no matter who they are (or how big they are) and if you look like you're upset, or frightened, tears or not, he'll likely come wandering over and sit beside you, and let you do as you please - cry, rant, scream, sob, use him as a means of comfort, ask him for a name it, he'll do it. Once he's found someone to love, he'll love in his entirety, and is slightly romantic, very much living by the quote: "Someone to love with my life in their hands, because nobody wants to go it on their own, and everyone wants to know they're not alone..."

It's worth nothing that Xin is absolutely, utterly terrified of Snake types, as a result of his bad run-in twice with an Arbok. He doesn't give a damn if they're going to sink their fangs into him or not; he'll generally lose all rational thought - as anyone with an intense phobia does - and run hysterically for the nearest safe place, be it high up somewhere, or behind someone, shivering violently all the while.

History: Xin was born to a tragic union in a tragic world. He doesn't know who his biological father was, and never cared to know anyway, really, considering the circumstances of his conception, much preferring to believe that the proud, honourable Typhlosion who called himself Fugaku. He knows who his mother was, a beautiful Espeon who called herself Meilin, however, he never really got the chance to know who she really was, and was forced to rely on second hand accounts of who she was, what she was, and if he was anything like her, or would be.

Nonetheless, considering the utter decay of the world he was born into, Xin lived a life that was rough at times, but always filled with love and support (and a little bit of the school of hard knocks at times), with Fugaku, and Fugaku's mate and Xin's foster mother, the sweet-natured but certainly capable of standing toe to toe equally with Fugaku Scyther who called herself Mikoto. Living primarily on the border of a desert, Xin certainly never lacked when it came to learning what it meant to survive, however, being of a perceptive mind even of a young age, he was endlessly wondering at the state of the world, how it had happened, why it had happened, absorbing everything his foster mother and father would tell him of the stories surrounding it, and sometimes, musing on the thought of they're even possibly being a way of making some right in the world. It even crossed his mind on several occasions that it could all be fixed if Temporal Tower was somehow resurrected, or rather, he mused on the reflections of his 'father' when it came to that matter. Of course, not even the strongest Pokemon, and certainly not a little Eevee who showed an affinity with the concept of speed, light and psychism, could possibly manage that.

Xin's first run in with what would start his phobia with snakes happened when he was five, an unfortunate incident involving a particularly sadistic Arbok that left Xin with the scars along his chest and side, and probably would have killed him if he hadn't managed to make a run for it with his agility to Fugaku, who proceeded in no short order to rip the snake from head to tail. Mikoto's knowledge and precious store of healing prowess further saved Xin from the bite he recieved, though by that point, his terror against anything obviously poisonous or snake-like was set, and if he even heard so much as a hiss, he would run for Fugaku's legs quicker than an Absol using Faint Attack on a dark night.

Xin's second encounter with a snake type was perhaps the most tragic, as it was peppered with the complete horror and tragedy of the death of Fugaku and Mikoto. Fugaku had never been a fan of Primal Dialga, to make an understatement. However, to keep his family safe, he'd never been too outward with it, but someone evidently dobbed on him. So Xin returned from foraging one day to the scent of blood and a roaring he knew was his foster father before it was ominously cut off, and arrived on the scene to find a Seviper, an Ursaring, a Sableye and two Kneasel standing over his father's barely breathing body, and his injured mother beside him, fighting till the last and indeed slashing the stomach right out of the Ursaring before she scented her son. Rather than let him jump into the fray and fight, Mikoto didn't even bother begging for Xin to be spared, simply screeching at him to run as fast as he could, as far away as he could.

So Xin ran. And ran until his heart nearly burst from the pain, until he was sure the Agents would not pursue him any longer. His grief and heartbreak was terrible though, and Xin's nightmares would never fade, even as he wondered alone through the land. It never really faded, but in a way, it was turned into something ironhard and steely, and Xin vowed he would find some small way to resist the darkness taking over the world.

It appeared he wasn't going to get another chance, though, because much to his horror, he found himself cornered. Even better (or not), cornered by an Arbok and two Seviper. Paralysed in terror, Xin took them in long enough to know he was in trouble, before making a run for it. Unfortunately, he hadn't eaten properly for a while during the time preceeding, and as such, his infamous agility skills were more than a little off. The Arbok caught up with him and proceeded to capture him and wrap him up like a chew toy being made ready for a meal. They nearly suceeded too, and Xin swears to this day that it was some sick but damn good twist of fate that prevented them from doing so.

After unleashing a powerful Earthquake attack on them, the Larvitar who called himself Alec rushed into the fray, fighting off the Seviper. With the Eevee freed from his suffocating grip, Alec and this Eevee easily fended off the snake Pokemon together, causing them to retreat.

While they rested, the Larvitar introduced himself to Xin politely, a gesture which was returned; the Larvitar's's name was Alec. At first, Xin was pretty shy and shaky, especially after the attack he had just survived, but the more Xin and Alec talked, the more they warmed up to one another. Once rested, Xin and Alec decided to travel together, finding strength and safety in numbers. the beginnings of a strong friendship blossomed between the two.

The two foraged for food together, traveled together, and even helped a few Pokemon who needed their help along their wandering travels. Alec and Xin began reminiscing about the stories they had heard about times before Temporal Tower collapsed, Xin in particular with the stories from Fugaku, a time when Rescue Teams would help Pokemon out so often and make life better. Since the world became paralyzed, and so many Pokemon died and were frozen in time as a result of the tower's collapse, there hadn't been any Rescue Teams. However, both Xin and Alec agreed the world was in need of a Rescue Team, now more than ever. Taking an oath together, the two friends formed the last Rescue Team their world might ever see again. Donning the name of Team Hope, they began going around the continent, helping out what little they could. This was mostly helping Pokemon find a home, finding a cure or treatment for some sickness, or, most commonly, finding food from the ever-shortening stores.

As they traveled, whispers of a movement to restore the world by altering the past, preventing the collapse of Temporal Tower, reached their ears. These rumors were disregarded at first, the both of them having heard so many hopeful rumors it was a little hard to believe. But as more and more whispers of this movement reached their ears, they began to believe, and a new hope blossomed in the hearts of Team Hope. As they helped Pokemon out, they were silently looking for any new evidence of this movement, hoping to join it. But their Rescue Team's own fame drew the attention of the Agents of Primal Dialga.

Eventually, after the woke from sleeping sometime in the near future (a time equal to three days), they found themselves surrounded by Sableye, as well as several other Pokemon. For a "crime" they had yet to even commit, they were ordered to be brought to Primal Dialga and his Officer, Dusknoir, and executed. Not willing to go without a fight, Alec and Xin worked together and defeated their potential captors, and, amazingly, Xin became one of the rare, lucky few in the paralyzed world to find the gift of evolution, becoming an Espeon afterwards. However, now they knew they needed to hurry up and find the ones working towards a better future; they were already ordered to be executed, and would be pursued relentlessly from now on, they both knew it.

It took less time and searching than they thought; their fame as the last surviving Rescue Team had been heard by more friendly ears, as had their narrow escape from capture. They were confronted by a few members of this movement, and in short order were added to the small numbers of Renegades.

Now, Alec works closely with his new friends and Xin, knowing that they would disappear from a future that would not exist if they succeeded, but he had accepted his fate. Losing his parents made him realize that a better future for the whole world was worth sacrificing himself.

Other: Excels in Psychic and Agility, but he's obviously not perfect.
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