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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Stevie
Gender: Female
Species: Houndour
Side: Renegades
Age: 16

A gnarled scar mars her right shoulder, stretching from the shoulder blade to where the leg begins. Nasty, nasty, owie, owie.

Personality: Stevie is dark- no suprise there- and violent. She attacks first, questions later, her extreme hatred being a damper upon her senses. She is inteligent, however, her thought process is reduced to naught when faced with a fight, her only instinct being to kill. Her will is strong, she is unbelievably stubborn, and- as is the requirment for one growing up when she did- she has a very, very high pain tolerance.
Her mental state is possibly in question, the losses and torment in her life manifesting themselves when she is faced with an enemy. However, to even out her ruthless blood-call, she does indeed have *gasp!* a sense of humor, albeit sarcastic and dark. She is selfless, and willing to go to the ends of the earth for those she cares about. Though, to be honest, at the moment all those she cares about are dead and gone.

Yes, another dismal, horrid history. Well...there really is nothing exceedingly special about Stevie's childhood. She was apart of a small colony of Houndour, like herself, who continued their meager survival by eating what they could find in the land. As horrible as it is, if one of their colony were to die...they'd become food. Her colony was not the normal 'survive the day' that littered the land, they were silently plotting to do...something. Stevie never quite understood their mission, at the time. The clan knew about the Time Gears, but feared that a lost cause- they turned their sights instead upon killing off the Primal Diagla Agents, and, well, we all know how that can turn out.
At this time, Stevie was just a pup, small, and insignificant. The day that the Sabeleye stormed their burrows and brutally murdered her family- she changed.
When the bloodthirsty group of Sabeleye decimated her tiny home, she fled, and somehow found herself taking shelter with a Renegade Nikorita preparing for his voyage to the past. He convinced her to join him in his journey, but he would not allow to leave at that point. He deemed her "unprepared" and it was not until 6 more years had passed that she finally fled to the past.
She knew the reason for this extensive training the second she appeared all those years ago- it was beautiful. Not at all like the desolate land that she had grown up in. It was marvelous, and her first instinct was to run, to hide, to rid herself of this trying task and take refuge in this past land of wonders. The training and preparation that she underwent, however, pulled through- and with head held high she took leg and ran through this glorious 'new' world, with one goal in mind--To preserve it. To avoid the horrible future that this planet would face, to find the time gears.
It had been 6 years since she had seen the Nikorita that had recruited her, and when she met him again she knew that he was proud of her progress. It was him who found her, she is unaware how he knew of her location, but was overjoyed to meet him once more. He informed her of the Time Gears locations, and he travelled with her for some time- Helping her grow accustomed to this land, and nudging her along in her 'field training'.
Losing him, may have stung just as maliciously as the loss of her family, and clan.
They were ambushed, and the Nikorita, being aged -though skilled- was not able to fight the Sableye off as well as he would have at one point. Stevie tried to help him, her skills in battle having burst upwards, enabling her to lay waste and taste revenge upon the Agents that attacked her, however this new bloodlust in her eye is fresh, new, and vicious. Her mission became, not only to collect the Time Gears, but to destroy Primal Dialga entirely, and to watch the destruction before she, herself, faded into nonexistence.


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