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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Cactar
Gender: Male
Species: Cacturne
Side: Primal Dialga's Agents
Age: 16
Description: He has a lot of off-white scars, which are really tinged with green, and is about 6' tall. His unusual height gives him a larger reach than most Cacturne when using moves like Needle Arm and Pin Missle. Other than that, there isn't too much of a difference between him and other Cacturne.
Personality: He isn't as merciless as most of the rest of the Agents sent to the past, though he still does his job. He prefers to take a more neutral stance on things, so that it is less apparent that he is even from the future. He usually prefers to hunt at nighttime, when most pokemon are in their sleep. He prefers to slow enemies down slowly with the poisonous thorns that grow from his skin, using moves like Poison Sting, Spikes, and Toxic to slow down the prey. He isn't quite so sterotypically evil as mst of the Agents, even though he still does his work without question.
History: Coming from a species who have always lived in desolate places, the barren future of Primal Dialga was strangely comforting to Cactar, even though it was more barren than natural. Raised in a family of boutny hunters for Primal Dialga's purposes, he was quickly taught the value of hard work and perseverance, obtaining a high degree of skill in the combat style used solely by Cacturn and Cacnea, using a lot of variations of Needle Arm, Pin Missle, and Spikes. Since he was a Cacnea, he has constantly been under the pressure to complete a task that will officially make him part of his pack of assasin Cacturne in the Lonely Desert. Unofficially, he has accepted a partner, a Shiny Charizard known as Blaze.

(why make the history of a dark pokemon like Cacturne any darker?)

Name: Blaze
Gender: Female
Species: Charizard
Side: Primal Dialga's Agents
Age: 16
Description: The most glaring difference between Blaze and most Charizard is that she is Shiny. Since all Shiny Charizard are black, this has been thought of as an adaptation to the eternal darkness of the dark future. Other than that, she is just like any other Charizard. She wears the remains of two heat proof shackles on her wrists.
Personality: Often brutal and unforgiving, she is very vicious and primal, reacting mostly on instinct. She will only listen to reason posed by Cactar, who is one of very few people that she respects. She allows him to fly on her, though she will almost never give anyone else the opputunity. She is very proud of herself, but is very bigoted towards other pokemon, particularly other dragon types or dragon-like pokemon. She will jupm into the impossible battles head first, blasting flames regardless of who they are aimed at.
History: Of the all the species to survive through most of the ravages of the destruction of Temporal Tower, the legendary Dragon Types maintained their order the most. They still had the most traits of civilization for the most part, though by the day it was becoming more and more difficult to counteract the forces of evil sweeping through the minds of young born pokemon. Blaze was one of many of the latter, exposed to so much evil during her childhood as a Charmander, she accepted it as right, and soon portrayed a lot of traits similar to Primal Dialga, as many dragon pokemon did. The traits seemed to effect a lot of dragons. This affected her strength and brutality. As a Charmeleon, she killed seven powerful dragons, two Flygons, a Gyarados, 3 Salamence, and a Charizard. This was a true show of her power, and she evolved into a seething pool of rage of a Charizard, ready to kill anythign on sight. However, as one of the first to experience this phenomenon, she was locked away, her shackles formed out of fire proof metal, which prevented her from melting them off. However, when other Agents heard of the crazed Charizard who was powerful enough to cause other dragons to worry about their lives, they cut her out, but they couldn't remove the wrists shackles, with some remaining chains.

When the Agents wanted to assign someone as her partner, she refused threatening that anyone who becomes her partner would have to yield to her power. A young Cacturne came up and smacked her across the face with a powered up Needle Arm move. The whole crowd drew in a gasp, waiting for the powerful dragon, held on chains by two powerful Machamps, to blast the foolish grass type away with a firey Flamethrower. But she didn't. She was confused. It was the first time anyone had shown that they weren't afraid of her. They conversed for some time, and she grew to like the Cacturne, whose name was Cactar. This is their fifth mission together, so they have a lot of experience together, though they are still learning to deal with minor problems they have weith each other.

Other: She is mildly insane, and sometimes experiences bouts of schizophrenia.
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